Bespoke – Something specifically ordered, that we have spoken and arranged for. Something which is measured and made especially for one person. A handmade garment which is beyond a doubt of high quality will last long. It is unacceptable for a handmade product to be unworthy. It will stay in excellent condition for a longer period and timeless for being classic. And why not, be separated from materialism, we don’t buy something that was made in a mass-production factory, we buy something that owns our personal characteristics.

Today, Antonis and Christos Niflis, brothers and the owners of “Christakis”, will guide us to the kingdom of bespoke shirts, pajamas, robes and suits. Antonis and Christos have grown up into the world of tailoring, clothes, commerce in the traditional way. Their studies in finance and marketing combined with their knowledge and experience that have inherited from their grandfather Christakis, created the perfect ground for them to pursuit in bespoke tailoring. They are passionate about men’s style and design, while they absolutely adore the city of Athens. They love luxury, therefor they are obsessed with high-quality two ply swiss poplin and cotton-cashmere for the pleasurable feeling that give while wearing them.


Their story starts in the 19th century from Istanbul, where their grand-grandfather maintained a tailor shop for handmade shirts. In 1935 his son, Antonis and Christos’ grandfather, Christakis decided to move to Athens where he was practicing his skills in tailoring and in 1947 he established his store in Kriezotou that Antonis and Christos sustain until today. Christakis’ persistence in high quality tailoring and the use of luxurious swiss fabrics led him to his recognition as the best handmade shirts’ tailor of Athens, with as many clients in Greece as abroad. Famous artists, politicians, intellectuals, but most of all businessmen are listed among his clientele.
Nowadays, his grandsons Antonis and Christos, as being the 3rd generation, have taken charge of Christakis’ legacy, while they launched an exclusive atelier for shirts’ orders in Kifissia. They, also, revived the service of high-quality made-to-measure suits tailoring made of fabrics imported from famous European brand such as Zegna, Reda, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry etc.


What they do
Antonis and Christos for “Christakis” make handmade shirts, handmade pajamas, handmade housecoats and smoking jackets. Referring to handmade they mean that every garment is exclusively made, measured, cut and tailored by experienced and passioned about what they do people. They give attention to details, to exactly match the patterns and the special characteristics every fabric has. They are obsessed with the quality of the raw materials, as they use extra-fine Egyptian cotton, pure silk, irish linen, pure wool, cashmere, pearl and bony buttons and plenty of materials that are durable and timeless.

They draw inspiration from fashion, London and Italian style, while they are constantly communicating with their partners abroad, tailors and fabric manufacturers, in order to always be conscious of the trends. They are also influenced by music, architecture, global design, social media, their friends and clients.

Their advice to their new clients is to communicate exactly what they want. Using the same measurements 100 different tailors would create 100 different garments. The emotional connection between the client and his tailor is what really matters. It takes patience and trust to the tailor’s advice to make the perfect garment.


Timeline and Costs
It takes about a week for a shirt and about a month for a suit to be made. A handmade shirt’s price ranges between 150‎€ to 400‎€, depending on the fabric and it’s special characteristics. A pajama could cost from 130‎€ to 400‎€ and a housecoat from 150‎€ to 500‎€, The most expensive garments are usually made of pure silk fabrics.


Antonis and Christos’ moto is “From generation to generation”, once someone could meet from grand-grandfathers to grand-grand children among their records.



Kriezotou 5, Athens

Photographed by Vasilis Kouroupis

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