Blue is the new black. You can wear it from winter to summer and it is suitable for any occasion. A color that could be combined with almost everything intrigues me to experiment with styles and try out more appealing options.

The look

On today’s post, I chose to create a monochromatic outfit using the mix-and-match technique. The midnight blue suit from Selected Homme looks stylish, while having a subtle check pattern. I combined it with a light blue shirt with vertical thin white stripes that create a quite flattering and appealing result.

I spiced up my outfit with a midnight blue tie and a pair of electric blue socks, while the white pochet and the black belt and shoes distract attention from the monochromatic effect.

The golden rule of mix-and-match is to maintain a noticeable distance between the patterns. Using this simple tip you may create a result that is smart and easy on the eyes.

The shirt

The blue striped cotton shirt that I am wearing is made-to-measure by the brand PETRATOS. PETRATOS was founded in 1959 and is operated by the founder’s grandson Gerasimos Petratos.

PETRATOS mostly make made-to-measure shirts, while they take over the whole procedure, from the pattern to the monogram embroidery. They also provide maintenance services in order to give a new life cycle to an overused shirt.

PETRATOS draw inspiration from classic style, while applying modern trends on their products, by the use of contemporary fabrics.

The procedure of choosing the fabric, the style and while being created using your own measurements, makes made-to-measure shirts a sensible option, compared to ready-to-wear shirts.

The shirt that PETRATOS made entirely for me was comfortable and completed my blue outfit perfectly.

_MG_6262 copy _MG_6270 copy



Suit Selected Homme by ASOS

Shirt Petratos (Nikiou 12, Athens, Greece)

Bespoke Shoes Ioannis Karagiorgos

Belt Ioannis Karagiorgos


Socks ASOS

Photography Christos Tzimas

Special thanks to Noel for the hospitality.

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