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Assistant Photographer: Bill Kouroupis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Classy outfits for a classy stay.

The iconic 5-star King George Athens hotel, located in the centre of Athens, is one of the credits of the city and not without a reason. Dating back to 1930 the King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, represents the absolute essence of a fascinating classic boutique hotel.

Perfectly situated for captivating experiences, a truly inspiring and gracious venue, King George is located within walking distance of the wonders of Athens. The Acropolis, Agora, Plaka and Thission are nearby, so are upmarket boutiques, world-renowned museums, and the city’s vibrant business district.

With 102 rooms and suites, a Penthouse Suite with private outdoor pool overlooking the fabled Acropolis, the awarded Tudor Hall Restaurant featuring authentic Greek cuisine and incomparable views of the city’s landmarks, King George finds its best expression in the outstanding personalised service.

A beautiful stay in King George could not be combined with anything else than classy and timeless outfits.

The Sports Jacket

A sports jacket is not a formal option as it is suitable for business wear and social wear.

Appealing, stylish and versatile it will proudly accompany you everyday anywhere-anytime and it is an ideal choice for travelling.

Regarding the fit, a sports jacket is usually a bit looser than a suit jacket or a blazer, a characteristic that makes it feel and look comfortable and relaxed. Casual style details like the patch pockets make it the right choice for every leisure outfit.

The Herringbone Jacket

Herringbone. Iconic, timeless and classy – one of the most popular weave patterns.

A very popular pattern that originates from Rome. Its name comes from the criss-crossing chevrons that resemble a fish skeleton. Herringbone is an informal choice and as being quite adaptable it can showcase any casual outfit.

The Herringbone jacket can be worn in lots of different colors as it constitutes a safe and versatile option. From monochromatic outfits to colorful picks, the herringbone jacket is definitely a bold and timeless statement. The only rule is to keep it casual.

The Look

The exact pattern works great in casual outfits so I picked this bespoke Harris Tweed Herringbone double breasted jacket by Sciamat to accompany me to my stay in King George Athens. The exact jacket is completely unlined and without canvas, making it ideal for travelling as it doesn’t take much space and cannot be creased. Extra feature: The four patch pockets.

I combined it with a light blue checkered shirt and a dotted tie. Regarding the pants, I created two styles, a neutral and a more colourful one. I embellished my outfit with a pair of leather driver’s gloves and a casual watch with metal band.

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Jacket, Shirt, Tie & Pants by Bespoke Athens | Watch by Longines

The Prince-de-Galles Jacket

Prince-de-Galles check pattern is a classic and old-school fabric, that has found place in the wardrobe of today’s sharpest dressers, bringing vintage elegance to every outfit.  When styled properly, prince-de-Galles, looks dapper, sartorial and distinguished.

The Look

A Prince-de-Galles sports jacket is a key-piece that could not be missing from any sharp dresser’s wardrobe, as it upgrades any outfit in no time! This single breasted 100% wool jacket with the majestic wide lapels makes for a great choice when to comes to leisure. Stylish, comfortable and relaxed, this jacket cannot be unnoticed! Extra feature: The brown elbow patches that give further plainness to my outfit.

Layering is a smart option when it comes to wearing a sports jacket, therefore I combined it with a 100% cashmere yellow sweater by Annapurna. And also with 100% cotton beige pants, a light blue bespoke shirt and a green cashmere tie by DolcePunta.

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Jacket by 100% wool, Shirt, Sweater, Tie & Pants by Bespoke Athens | Bespoke Patina Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos | Watch by Longines

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