Colonia Mirra by Acqua di Parma. A sensual, masculine and classy fragrance that every gentleman should try.


The pleasure of travelling, of taking the necessary time to savour the spirit of a place. Like all great travellers, Colonia by Acqua di Parma deeply explores other worlds and traditions. Each new departure is a discovery. A sensory journey in search of the most rare and original essences, of ingredients that tell the story of an atmosphere, a vision of beauty, a way of life. It is upon return from each stop on the voyage that the real adventure starts. To make that rare and precious ingredient one’s own in a spirit of renewal, to imagine brand new compositions where Colonia retains its distinct identity, but is enriched with unexpected facets. The result is a collection of sophisticated and evocative fragrances. Ingredient Collection. A travel diary of aromas, always open to new discoveries and fascinating combinations.

It's a MAN's Class - Acqua di Parma Mirra

Colonia traces its map along the routes of time and space. From its trip to the Middle East, Colonia captures the sensory opulence of Agarwood oil, giving life to the mysterious and sensual notes of Colonia Oud. A fragrance that combines the essence that is a symbol of the rich Arab civilisation of perfumes combined with the entirely Italian freshness of Colonia. Returning to Italy, the pleasure of spending time in antique artisan workshops, where, surrounded by the scent of leather, objects and accessories that express the sense of the Tuscan roots and tradition are created. It is from this intense aroma that Colonia Leather was born. Again, the desire to travel to faraway places, along the Silk Road, where the personality of Colonia joins the refined sensuality of ambergris to create Colonia Ambra. From here, two new Italian stops along the journey, rich in stories to tell. Piedmont, its noble families, a symbolic tree and a precious and vital ingredient which has inspired Colonia Quercia. Then Milan and its most hidden corners. The secret cabinetmaking workshops, the smell of the most precious wood from which Colonia Ebano is inspired. The momentum toward distant horizons returns irresistibly. Through deserts and mountains, Colonia meets the intoxicating intensity of an ancient ingredient which creates Colonia Mirra.


Muscat. At the hour of sunset, the streets and windows are dotted with small coloured lanterns where incense and myrrh unleash their vibrant aromas. From the capital of ancient Oman, since the third century before Christ, long caravans carried, through steep mountains, lowlands and endless deserts, their cargo of spices, fragrances and rare essences. A slow and tireless crossing, until the kingdom of Saba, to Jordan and the mythical road of the Wise Men. To then reach the Mediterranean until arriving in Rome, where the highly prized Oriental resins were in great demand, burnt during religious ceremonies. A long journey on the Via Sacra of perfumes. An adventure on the trails of the Orient from which Colonia Mirra was born.

It's a MAN's Class - Acqua di Parma Mirra

Among the most sought-after essences of antiquity, often exchanged for its weight in gold, myrrh has a history thousands of years old. The Egyptians used it for Kyphi, the perfume of the pharaohs. The Greeks mixed it with wine to flavour it. Eastern women still use it today in cosmetics with revitalising powers. Even the Bible mentions it several times and the Wise Men brought it to the Baby Jesus as a gift. Used in Chinese medicine, it brings together healing qualities and sanctity.

It's a MAN's Class - Acqua di Parma Mirra

Even today myrrh is collected by hand from commiphora, a delicate spiny shrub which grows in the warmest climes. Dense, perfumed drops are gathered from the trunk and from these the essential oil and the resin are obtained. The laborious production of myrrh has made it a specially sought-after and precious ingredient from the very dawn of perfumery. Its balsamic and embracing aroma gives an appealing complexity to the luminous transparency of Colonia which emerges little by little, like the slow advance of a caravan in the desert.

It's a MAN's Class - Acqua di Parma Mirra

The Italian style of Colonia is all in the transparent and citrusy opening note of mandarin orange, lemon and petitgrain, that acts as a counterpoint to a single heart where the delicate aromas of orange blossom and the spicy accents of nutmeg merge with the warm scent of the oil of myrrh. It is in the heart of this magnetic olfactory composition that the myrrh unveils its first facets. In a magnificent evolution, the base combines the enveloping notes of patchouli to the balsamic and amber notes of myrrh resin, revealing the sophisticated soul of this new Eau de Cologne Concentrée.

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