Photography: Andreas Souchis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

With the chill days still knocking at our door and the motivating new year’s resolutions, I am more inclined than ever to stroll in the fresh radiant light of today’s charmer: The Windowpane jacket !

Either arranging an after-office quick drink, a visit to my tailor, a business appointment or just some “me time”, I always enjoy a pleasant stroll around the city centre with my lovely friend Hermès.

The Windowpane Pattern

For the initiated, the pattern’s individuality and popular neglect are two of its main attractions, the third being its salutary effect on the male figure. Longer in length than width, its upright rectangular formation subtly elongates, while its facility for harmoniously combining with a second or third pattern, is another plus.

The windowpane pattern is at the top of the list of patterns. It is bold, yet elegant and powerful, yet classic. It might be the perfect pattern for various reasons. Firstly, the pattern adds a little something to your outfit and easily separates you from the crowd, without looking overdressed. It is classy, creative and elegant. Although it is simple to combine, the windowpane pattern is definitely a bold statement.

Whether you decide to go for a cool spin on your formal wear, with charcoal teal windowpane or add a flattering and on-trend skinny fit to your investment pieces, basic colors we all certainly carry in our wardrobes will ensure just one jacket won’t monopolize most of your funds. Go bold and big-patterned and create a sharp look that will surely turn a few heads on your chequered-chap trim.

The Look

Although the windowpane’s open-box setting encourages dar more varied pattern mixes than a glen plaid, on today’s outfit I decided to “play safe” combining my windowpane jacket with neutral, basic colors to create an effortless, clean and mood lifting result.

I combined the matching windowpane jacket and waistcoat with ice grey tailored pants, white shirt and a light grey tie, all made by Giannetos.

Giannetos is a Greek luxury fashion house, specialized in men’s clothing. Founded in 1907, it is now managed by the fourth generation of the Giannetos family, Takis Giannetos. Over the last century the business gene and entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down through the generations, ensuring that the name Giannetos remains synonymous with men’s handmade clothing.

I embellished my outfit with my favorite jewellery, a pair of leather driver gloves that you may find in my boutique at Abaton Island Resort and a pair of beige suede tassel loafers.

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