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SARTOR is a family business trading in fashion design and tailoring for over 30 years. Some months ago, the business was passed down to the second generation. Their main aim is the brand’s renovation preserving SARTOR’s core values, while embedding their fresh and vivid style. As follows, SARTOR sets out to be introduced again regenerating the beauty of the well dressed and dandy gentlemen.


Some weeks ago, I presented you the selection and creation process of a burgundy made to measure slim fit with peak lapels 2-buttoned suit, made of a 94% wool 6% silk fabric and a contrast pied-de-poule double breasted waistcoat with notch lapels. We had an afternoon walk with Thodoris Argyropoulos at Psirri (where SARTOR is based) and talked about the brand. So, today, we will get to know better SARTOR and present you the final result, as well!


The brand

SARTOR create made to measure or bespoke men’s suits and accessories (vests, bow-ties and groom’s accessories). All products are handmade and most of them are made to measure. Every season there is a small collection that introduces customers to SARTOR’s philosophy and style.

Their brand name describes their profession -Sartor, that stands for tailor in Latin-, while S symbolizes the herringbone, an iconic men’s pattern. The house of SARTOR is characterized by the greek Mediterranean style, attention to details and luxury.


SARTOR get inspired by almost anything! Any person or image gives food for thought and creation. Despite that, they mostly get inspired by young talented people.

Thodoris was always fascinated by the creation and production process of a handmade suit, as he was deeply influenced by the family business. All the same, he studied and worked at technology fields, travelled a lot and returned ladened with beautiful images and new ideas in order to continue and feature family business’ work.


SARTOR’s advice to someone that is not familiar to made to measure philosophy is to avoid being in a rush or feeling afraid of the process. Creating a made to measure suit is not an everyday routine, but more of some kind of ritual. It needs thought and comfort in order to choose what you may need and for which reason. You should cherish the procedure in order to showcase yourself!

SARTOR seek to discuss a lot and stand up for free concerns… the motivation for free expression, without limits!

Get the look

Suit by SARTOR  |  Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos  |  Tie by TAILOR  |  Hat by GIORGIO Hatter  Pochet by House of ΚΥΔΟΣ 

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January 11, 2017
It is just a masterpiece.-