Photography: Bill Kouroupis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Unique sartorial experience for special guests.

Through my journey among tailors, artisans and people who deeply respect the individuality of handmade creations, I realize every single time how much hard work, passion, awareness and effort an artisan needs to go in order to provide garments that not only reach mastery, but also possess the spirit of their creator.

Kourlas and Kwnstantinos embrace these values and some days ago, we decided to arrange a meeting to discuss everything about our common love: bespoke garments.

A few words about Kourlas Fashion House

40 years ago, Nikolaos Kourlas opened his own tailor shop in the centre of Athens in the vision of creating unique and distinctive handmade men’s clothing. Therefore, he managed to create bespoke (not made-to-measure) garments from scratch, with the use of custom-made patterns based on the customer’s measurements and needs. Hand-sawn men’s suits made of high quality fabrics, but most of all garments endowed with a remarkable character.

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A few words about Kwnstantinos

From a very young age, Kwnstantinos occupied himself in his father’s craft industry, a fact that molded his personal aesthetic quality and love for footwear. Six years ago, he decided to do something that suited his philosophy best: the manufacture of exclusively handmade bespoke men’s shoes, customized on the needs and style of each customer.

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The Event

The event took place at the Fashion House of Kourlas, while Kwnstantinos along with his beautiful creations traveled all the way from Thessaloniki to attend the event.

Dapper well-dressed gentlemen had the chance to initiate into the world of bespoke creations, while enjoying a glass of METAXA 12 star, that totally fitted the overal atmosphere. Between leathers, fine fabrics and jazz tunes we all became a big group sharing opinions and trying on refined garments.

We all had a wonderful time and I am looking forward for the next one! Thank you all for your presence!

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