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Editor: Katerina Theocharis

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Much more than a beautiful pair of shoes!

The Meaning of Bespoke Shoes

People in general are not really familiar to what bespoke shoes are.

Bespoke shoes are footwear made especially for a certain customer. The customer can choose between different styles, colours, leather types etc.
Even if it is extremely hard to fit your foot into a ready-to-wear shoe or you want a particular quality garment that will be made for you only and will fit you perfectly, bespoke shoes are something you might take into consideration.

As a quality garments’ lover, the first time I happened upon a pair of handmade shoes, I got fascinated by the perfect style, the premium quality and the immaculate finish. I knew I was holding something precious and I was absolutely confident that I would own a pair of those soon… and so it happened!

From the moment I obtained my very first pair of bespoke shoes, I knew that I started a journey of no return. Without meaning to underestimate bespoke footwear’s visual preeminence, these are much more than a pair of exceptionally refined and dapper shoes. For me -and many other people out there- who need or enjoy to wear elegant shoes all-day long, it is highly significant to be comfortable as much as possible! I walk at least 5 km on a daily basis and as you might understand it is essential for my health and comfort to wear finely crafted shoes!

The Tassel Loafers

The shoes that I am presenting you today are handmade by Kwnstantinos, a talented artisan based in Thessaloniki.

You may read about Kwnstantinos, on our earlier article A day with Kwnstantinos, A Bespoke Shoemaker.

I opted for a stylish pair of blue tassel loafers for the easy, dressy and polished finish they provide. Loafers are a shoe design that first appeared in Norway in 1930s. Since then, they are synonymous to comfort and style while being timeless and appealing. A laceless shoe design that never looks old or obsolete.

How to Wear

From casual/sporty look to suits and blazers, loafers are always stylish.

You can go from classic colours for a more gentle look, to bolder colours or patterns for a style statement.
It’s up to you. You may choose a pair of loafers that suits your overall style, but be careful to cut the trousers at the right length and aren’t sagging over your shoes.

To Sock or not to Sock?

There is a huge debate about if one should wear socks or not with a pair of loafers.

The rule says that you shouldn’t. But, rules are meant to be broken. You could wear socks that match your trousers for a safe result, or go the extra mile with a pair of coloured socks contrasting your outfit.

The Affairs

Driven by the affinity I have for premium items, I chose to present you these exceptional blue tassel loafers along with two of my affairs…

A premium distillate that has the same shades and created with the same passion, coupled with an elegant cuban cigar, Cohiba Siglo III, with notes of new leather! Only one in every ten thousand casks have the elusive quality, character and flavour to deliver the remarkable signature taste of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label – this is one of the main reasons why it couldn’t be missing of my collection!

Where to Get

Bespoke Tassel Loafers by Kwnstantinos  |  Silk Dressing Gown by Christakis  |  Eyeglasses by Persol  |  Fragrance Blu Mediterraneo Acqua di Parma

Special thanks to the brand new 5-star Hotel Abaton Island Resort & Spa, in Hersonissos Crete! Detailed article about this gem really soon! Stay tuned!

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