Author Cassandra Clare once said that brown is the manly color. A color that expresses stability and reliability, while it makes someone look approachable.

It is a fact that brown shoes are gaining more and more the respect of men, although they were supposed to be used only in casual attire.

Nowadays, it is more acceptable to wear brown shoes in the evening. But, which is the right way to wear a pair of brown shoes?

• One should wear brown shoes at evening events, but when it comes to formal evening events, black should be preferred as it works better with tuxedo. They should, also, be avoided at Black tie or White tie events.

• Black and brown should never be mixed in a formal setting, but in the casual sense this combination is more acceptable.

• Brown shoes work better with a 2-piece suit. Preferably, a 3-piece suit should be combined with black shoes as it is considered to be more formal.

• Brown comes in an endless variety of shades, so try to match the color of the belt with the shoe.

Color Combinations

Brown shoes could be worn with almost anything.

• Navy works good with tan and dark brown.

• A brown suit could be worn perfectly with darker brown shoes.

• Brown shoes are considered to be the perfect combination for a green suit.

• Khaki, tan, white, beige, burgundy and taupe look best with brown shoes.

• Brown shoes should not be worn with a black or grey suit.


4 must-have brown shoe designs

Brown double monk strap shoes

One of the most popular shoe style in menswear today, while it is very versatile. A pair of double monk strap shoes could be worn almost anywhere, from casual to evening wear.

double_monks_up double_monk_side

Brown Oxford shoes

One of the most classic and elegant lace up dress shoe design. Although Oxford shoes are the most formal type of shoes, brown Oxfords shouldn’t be worn at Black tie or White tie Events. One should combine them with suit to business, evening or casual events.

oxfords_up oxfors_side

Brown Tassel loafers

A laceless shoe design that never looks old or obsolete, when worn properly. From casual/sporty look to suits and Blazers, tassel loafers are always stylish while they provide an easy, dressy and polished finish.

loafers_sideBrown Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are quite similar to Oxfords, but their difference is in the open lacing system, as it is sewn outside of the shoes (showing visible flaps). This style is less formal, so derby shoes are perfect for a smart-casual dress.

derby_up derby_side

All shoe designs belong to my personal collection, are bespoke and made by Ioannis Karagiorgos.

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