Photography: Joseph Alexiadis


Christmas in Athens? Time to have a long walk in the center and enjoy every minute of this festive season!

Allied to the good weather, I opted for an enjoyable walk, while the shining sun was filling my soul with pleasant and liberating feelings. Walking sets your soul free and I try to enjoy this commodity as often as I can.

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Wanting to look sharp, yet comfortable on my walks I usually choose to wear made to measure or bespoke garments. Clothes and footwear that are custom designed, not only match the wearer’s style but are also very comfortable as they are usually made of extra fine materials that “breath” and they are tailored-made, therefore they don’t restrict movement. Tailoring is a very personal story, as personal as the feeling you get when you walk!

About windowpane

The windowpane pattern is at the top of the list of patterns. It is bold, yet elegant and powerful, yet classic. It might be the perfect pattern for multiple reasons. Firstly, the pattern adds a little something to your outfit and easily separates you from the crowd, without looking too loud. It is classy, creative and elegant. The windowpane pattern is definitely a bold statement.

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The look

The stylish and comfortable look that accompanied my beautiful christmas walk in the center of Athens is consisted of a Made to measure Double breasted suit made of super 130’s windowpane check fabric by Reda, a Made to measure – wool & silk coat made of fabric from Biella Italy, a pair of bespoke black Oxford shoes, a made to measure white striped shirt made of 2-ply poplin 120/2 and a striped tie.

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Get the look

Made to measure Suit, Overcoat & Shirt by Christakis  |  Bespoke shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos  |  Tie by YSL

I am wishing you a Merry Christmas!


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