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Experimenting with softer shades can turn to a pretty serious fashion statement.

From preppy and edgy to glam, kaleidoscopic colors can bring out any kind of outfit. Although they are mostly associated with spring, they can be beautifully worn during winter time, breaking the monotony of the dull winter colors.

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Pastels are surprisingly easy to wear as they are moderately versatile. Since the 80’s that pastels saw a big trend in the world of men’s fashion, gentlemen tend to choose them more and more often. They can be worn by anyone, at any age and feature almost any skin tone! Bright, fresh and lively, pastel colors can bring an aura of sleek sophistication to any outfit! Softer tones are definitely a timeless alternative to primary colors that will never go out of style.

It's a MAN's Class

How to wear

Pastels could rather be used for casual or business outfits, parties or other casual settings, while they are not recommended for formal events.

If you are not quite conversant with color blocking you can pair pastel colors with neutrals (grey, white, beige, khaki, tan, ivory, black etc.) for a safe and elegant result. Like on today’s look, a baby blue shirt, a same color tie paired with light grey pants and a pair of brown leather wooven oxfords is a classy, bright and sharp option.

It's a MAN's Class

For the daring ones combining pastels would create a smart and edgy result, while monochromy is always an option, too!

Take advantage of the lightness, warmth and elegance pastels that have to offer and create unique outfits that radiate classy creativity!

It's a MAN's Class

Where to get

Baby blue bespoke Shirt by Christakis | Tie by Christakis | Bespoke Woven Leather Oxford Shoes by Kwnstantinos | Panama Hat by Giorgio Hatter | Volvo V90 Cross Country by Volvo Greece

Special thanks to Cape Sounio Hotel for the hospitality!

It's a MAN's Class

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