Into the light – Off to new horizons! Aqua di Parma Colonia Pura is a true gem!

The Essence Of Lightness

Joy has a purity and lightness that, once felt, is never forgotten. Such moments are warm, fresh, energizing and inspiring. Since the very beginning, Acqua di Parma has helped create and celebrate these unique moments. It has been a wondrous journey of excellence, style, passion and creative expression.

And now with Colonia Pura – a new chapter has been opened.

From Soul to Future

Colonia Pura can claim a proud tradition of refinement and style. Just like the original Colonia of Acqua di Parma, the new Colonia Pura captures the joy, cultivation and warmth of the Italian way of life. It is an exclusive, masculine scent made for men, with contemporary sophistication and elegance.

Created with a youthful energy and a lighter approach to freshness, Colonia Pura is the perfect fragrance for a new generation to discover and make their own.

Classic Yet Contemporary

Colonia Pura is anchored in the classic Italian world of cultivated pleasure, exquisite style and attention to detail. Its atmosphere is warm and sunny with bright citrus hues, inviting natural surroundings and intriguing urban settings. Just like its name, Colonia Pura has a minimalistic aesthetic that focuses on the purity of joy and its modern interpretation.

Modern Masculinity Captured

The Colonia Pura man is a man of style, manners and taste. He is both husband, father and explorer of new avenues of cultivated pleasure. He takes tremendous pride in his heritage and is aware of where he came from. This said, he still has a restless, youthful energy that manifests itself in casual styles, spontaneity and lightness. All these elements are reflected in his choice of fragrances, which is why he chooses Colonia Pura. Like him, it conveys a strong yet modern and open masculinity.

Insprired by Nature – Crafted by Artist

Colonia Pura radiates a sensual masculinity, combined with a fresh energy and modern lightness. Crisp and sunny bergamot, combined with juicy orange notes and delicate petit grain accents, brings new light and air into the classical citrus structure of Colonia. Next comes a seducing and alluring vital energy at the heart.

The floral lusciousness of narcissus and jasmine absolutes blends with the spicy notes of coriander in an unexpected balance. The warm and sophisticated accents of patchouli and cedar wood encounter at the base the delicate, yet persistent white musk notes. The result is a luminous dynamism that celebrates life, inspires and opens up new vistas of expression.

Master In Simplicity

At first glance, the most striking aspect of Colonia Pura is its cool, almost icy transparency. This reflects not only the minimalistic elegance of its world but also the light, weightless feelings that moments of pure joy bring. The iconic Acqua di Parma flacon with its Art Deco charm has also been given a new and lighter interpretation. While its classic shape remains the same, the new silvery, matt grey elements underscores its clean and purist approach to refined pleasure.

A collection of Sophisticated Lightness

The unique lightness and fresh energy of Colonia Pura can be experienced in an exquisite collection of products. Whether worn as an Eau de Cologne or enjoyed through the Hair and Shower Gel or the After Shave Balm, Colonia Pura opens up a new world of modern men´s grooming.

Sustainability Looks Good On Enyone

Colonia Pura is based on the wonders and richness of nature. Sky, sun and picturesque Italian landscapes are a core part of its heritage and source of strength. This is why Colonia Pura was created and packaged with sustainability in mind. This can be seen in the pump that can be detached from the glass, making it recyclable – to responsible local and international sourcing. It´s all part of our promise of excellence in all we do and create.

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