What I mostly love about the island of Crete is that you may be from the highest wild mountain to a heavenly beach in no time.

Amazing views, clear blue seas… Everything seems idyllic in Crete. The destination was Rethymnon and all-road VOLVO S60 Cross Country D4 from VOLVO Car Hellas couldn’t be missing from this wonderful journey! Having enhanced control and a more engaged driving experience—in all weather, on all terrains, makes VOLVO S60 Cross Country D4 precious to adventure and nature lovers!

Volvo_S60_itsamansclass_crete-51 Volvo_S60_itsamansclass_crete-58

Having a heightened sense of control, with increased ground clearance and sturdy construction provides an in-command driving position and the confidence to push the limits. Torque vectoring and corner traction control enhance the sporty driving experience, while the new Cross Country wheels and high profile tires add comfort and protection.


As a nature lover, I deeply value companies having high environmental consciousness.  As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles, the Volvo Group bears a clear responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of its products. The Volvo Group is to be ranked as a leader in terms of Environmental Care among the world’s top producers of transport -related products, equipment and systems. The Environmental Care programmes shall be characterized by a holistic view, continual improvement, technical development and resource efficiency.
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The classy and luxurious with an adventurous spirit VOLVO S60 Cross Country D4 with striking crossover design, definitely stands out from the crowd.
Enjoy the journey!

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