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“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” – Coco Chanel

Dressing up while at home is a habitude rarely seen on modern men’s daily routine. From morning toilette to evening loungewear, the dressing gown is a garment that every gentleman should own. Elegant, stylish and sharp, the dressing gown (also known as lounging robe) can bring an aura of luxury and comfort when it comes to home-wear. Isn’t this a good reason to get rid of those sloppy pajamas and give the dressing gown a try?

Dressing Gown - It's a MAN's Class Dressing Gown - It's a MAN's Class


The dressing gown first appeared in the 17th century, being influenced by the Eastern culture. They were called Persian gowns or Indian gowns as they preserved a kimono style. They were usually made of cotton, brocade, velvet or damask and they had no buttons as the could be fastened with a sash. It was essential to gentlemen for morning toilette and evening home-wear.

In 1860, the dressing gown evolved into its current shape, characterized by a round wide shawl lapel and a sash. After World War I the dressing gown started to become more popular even for the average gentlemen.

Today, a small number of men use to wearing a robe at home. Don’t you think it’s time to bring it back?

Dressing Gown - It's a MAN's Class

Robes today

Since 1950s, Christakis Fashion house creates traditional dressing gowns made of cotton poplin, flannel, fine silk or even warm woolen fabrics. The fabric depends on the wearer’s mood, as it may be more formal and luxurious or warm and comfortable. These tailor-made robes are embellished with strings or rovings that are assorted to fastening sash.

A tailor-made quality dressing gown is a wonderful luxury. Wouldn’t be nice if we included it in our daily routine once again?

Dressing Gown - It's a MAN's Class dressing_gown_itsamansclass-8

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