Photographer: Nikos Anagnostopoulos

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

The winter is close and it is the right time to invest on quality knitwear!

Say goodbye to boring jacket-shirt combos, winter gives you another chance to play up your cool side. With the latest weaves and thicker fabrics of Falconeri knitwear, keeping warm has never been so fashionable.

About Falconeri

Falconeri is an Italian brand sin the production of knitwear and cashmere for men and women. The collections accentuate the quality of the yarns, combining tradition and creativity, simplicity and attention to detail, at an affordable price.

The Falconeri menswear collection is made from the highest-quality yarns to give a new refined sporty take on the classic mens look.

The Collection

The collection expresses itself through the constant search for new materials and manufacturing techniques in step with the market trends.
Minimalist, versatile designs, focusing on fashion details, combining aesthetics and quality in a single mandate imperative. Providing the ultimate in comfort for those who always want to feel totally at ease, whether for work or leisure.

From the design sketches to weaving the fabrics – all stages of the manufacturing process including final meticulous quality control are carried out at their plant in Avio (Trento). This is where skilled experts transform fibres into versatile, timeless garments; unique items to wear regardless of seasonal trends. The affordable price in comparison with superior quality and sophisticated details plus continual technological research, are indicative of the finest Made in Italy artisan craftsmanship.

The Look

Falconeri garments are so refined that layering is never too much! Men’s outerwear is synonymous with wearable elegance and comfort, because of their contemporary and sophisticated design.

I chose to wear a coat and jacket combo both made of extra-fine merino wool. I combined them with a turtleneck jumper featuring a gorgeous textured rib knit, also made of highly-coveted, sophisticated merino wool, which is prized for its exceptionally fine fibers that create premium quality garments (I can say that it is particularly suitable for wearing against the skin, as it ventilates well and has a quite pleasant feel on the the body!). You can also read why you should choose quality sweaters here: The Turtleneck with Suit Look

Where to Get

Discover the vast range of Falconeri basics and fashion knitwear at their beautiful shop in Golden Hall or through their online shop


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