Photography: Thanos Asfis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis


Being a gentleman is reflected by everyday choices.

Every gentleman knows how to spoil himself. He knows how to choose what makes him happy, as the selection process sometimes turns into a ritual. Items that apply to his temperament and meet his standards. Items that make him feel confident and satisfied.

The Tie

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”, Oscar Wilde.
An accessory that one should wear consciously. A tie is what someone notices first when they meet you. That’s why it is important to wear it wisely. The right tie could bring out your severe, strong and confident self.

My personal choice is the latest collection of ΚΥΔΟΣ ties. ΚΥΔΟΣ is a limited edition neckwear house that traces its history back through generations of the same family of master tailors.
All their neckwear is made in-house and completely by hand from the very best silk. Every single fold, every thread and every tiny detail of a KYDOS necktie is handled with the care and attention of a single master tailor. They take their time to create a result they’re proud of in order to provide a necktie you will be proud to wear.

These ties are also so light, soft and stylish. You can wear them all day without feeling any discomfort, while as having refined unlined construction made of quality fabrics, they easily update any outfit.

The Car

How possible is it for your car to add some color in your life? Pretty much! You spend a lot of time with your car. Your car accompanies you in your most beautiful moments. You trust the welfare of your beloved ones in your car! Your car can make you wander and stargaze. Your car can take you everywhere!

My personal choice is Volvo V90 Cross Country, a harmonious blend of beauty and function. A sophisticated estate that perfectly fits my lifestyle, whatever the occasion. One of the safest cars in the market (the other two are also Volvos!) Volvo V90 Cross Country offers a comfortable and efficient driving experience. The gorgeous interior produces the right amount of refinement and luxury, as I enjoy sitting comfortably on its elegant leather seats and enjoy top-class sound provided by Bowers & Wilkins, surrounded by impeccable handmade wooden details!

The Watch

The watch is one of the most important men’s accessories. It is the item that everyone should notice first, as you communicate, using your hands to express yourself. The watch can say a lot about you and your sense of style. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or cheep, but it has to match the outfit, the time of the day and the occasion.

My personal choice is Longines Conquest Heritage. A quality Swiss watch that features self winding mechanical movement and elegant design that matches most of my outfits. The exact watch is quite versatile as it has both silver and gold details and can be combined with almost any metallic accessory that I am wearing.

The Shoes

Who can say no to quality bespoke shoes? I have always considered shoes as an excellent communication tool, as they can say a lot about the person who wears them.

Quality handmade shoes are my fetish. I admire every single detail, the materials, their finish… A garment that if it is done right could turn into an objet d’ art. Creating a quality pair of handmade shoes depends on many factors. First of all, it is a matter of a fine aesthetic quality, followed by excellent technical mastery. Last but not least, the artisan should possess the virtuosity to create shoes that do not harm the wearer’s feet, that are light, soft and comfortable.

My personal choice is this gorgeous pair of woven shoes made by Kwnstantinos. Kwnstantinos is tasteful, punctual and a perfectionist. His personality is totally reflected in his work. His main concern is the use of high quality materials combined with excellent construction. With respect to classic values of men’s style, he provides footwear that he is especially proud of. And these woven shoes are simply amazing!

The Fragrance

As you may know, I come from a Greek Island, Crete. Therefore, I have a quite special connection with the sea. Blu Mediterraneo by Acqua di Parma is as if the sea breeze is trapped in a bottle. A fragrance that evokes the energy, the sun and the colors of the Italian Mediterranean. The expression of an unparalleled natural land, where art, nature, and culture meld together in full harmony. A fragrance that reminds me of my homeland, too!

The Cufflinks

Cufflinks are accessories that first appeared in the 16th century in France and were a sign of royalty and high class.
Today, they are used by everyday men to add extra personality and style to their outfit, as they can totally transform a plain white shirt and may bring out your whole outfit.

My personal choice is a pair of quality cufflinks by Bespoke Athens with minimal design, so I can use them more often to add a little something to my outfit without looking overdressed. In any case. cufflinks separate men from boys, so we need to wear them wisely.

The Magazine

What can I say about THE RAKE?  THE RAKE is the epitome of elegance, a manual for all us who admire fine aesthetics, passion for creation and are helplessly romantic. A magazine dedicated to the spirit of refined masculinity, elegant manners and sophistication. THE RAKE is not only my choice. THE RAKE is my inspiration.


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