Every groom needs to look gorgeous, comfortable and stylish when it comes to choosing the right attire for his wedding. But, most of all needs to look and feel like himself and not transform into someone else. And the best choice in order to buy a stylish, unique, quality and custom made suit is to go bespoke.

Today, we are sharing the floor with George Papadogamvros, one of the best tailors in Greece, who helped us understand the advantages of buying a custom made suit for your wedding.


G. Papadogamvros is famous for his unique, stylish and high-quality suits for many years now, as plenty of people (with many celebrities among them) trust his creations for his unique designs and incomparable quality.

A bespoke suit would have a better fit than a ready-to-wear suit. The fabrics, the fit, the style is in total control of the buyer and the tailor. A bespoke suit is unique and made for only one person, owns your personal characteristics and suits you perfectly. A bespoke suit could even match with the bride’s styling.

The fabric is one of the most important factors in groom’s attire. You would have uncountable options when you decide to buy a custom tailored suit. The color, the material, the texture, the pattern are some features you would be able to choose from.


Once the tailor takes your body measurements, he helps you decide the overall look you wish to have. In this point it is very important to trust the tailor, as you have chosen him for matching your style. Not only he would create a perfect fitting suit, but he would help you discover your style. The tailor will help you choose what suits you best and be sure that you will look gorgeous and confident while rocking your unique wedding suit.

Just because bespoke suits are handmade, the groom should visit the tailor at least 1-2 months before the wedding day. The price of a bespoke suit depends on the fabric, the body type and the complexity of the design.

For today’s post, I chose to present you one of the most classic and classy groom’s suit by G. Papadogamvros. A peak lapel jacket with satin details combined with matching slim line trousers, white shirt with hidden buttons, white silk pocket square, black bowtie and a pair of stylish patent loafers, all from G. Papadogamvros. I embellished my outfit with my favorite MontBlanc Cufflinks and my all-time classic Jacques Lemans watch.

groom_suit-9 groom_suit-13

Total Outfit: G. Papadogamvros Handmade Suits

Cufflinks: MontBlanc

Watch: Jacques Lemans

Photographer: Vasilis Kouroupis

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