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It’s the right time to rearrange our winter wardrobe and monk strap shoes should definitely not be missing!

The monk strap shoe style is onε of my personal favorites, as it is classic, versatile and super stylish. It could be worn at various environments, in various settings, always making a bold statement. Monk strap shoes are quite popular nowadays and for a good reason! An elegant garment that could not be missing of any sharp dresser’s wardrobe!

God is in the details and shoes play a significant role in any outfit! You should never underestimate their power, as they can say a lot about you. A classy pair of neat and fitting leather shoes could beautifully complement any outfit!

It's a MAN's Class - Monk Strap Shoes

About Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap shoes are characterized by the lack of lacing, while they feature single or double buckle strap.

Monk strap shoes have a long history. They were firstly used by monks, during the 15th century, as a more durable and safe version of the sandals that they used to wear and soon they became their signature work shoe. Legent has it that the design was brought in 1900 by a visitor to England, and they became popular in no time. Today, monk strap shoes are considered an integral shoe style among sharp dressers.

It's a MAN's Class - Monk Strap Shoes

How to Wear

As I mentioned before, monk strap shoes are extremely nimble, as they work well at almost any occasion, with almost any outfit. They could be worn from an important business meeting to a night out with friends. They could be beautifully worn both with a suit and with a chino and a cardigan or a leather jacket with jeans. It’s up to you how you like to style it.

It's a MAN's Class - Monk Strap Shoes

Today, I am presenting you a pair of brown bespoke double monk strap shoes, handmade by Kwnstantinos. Author Cassandra Clare once said that brown is the manly color. A color that expresses stability and reliability, while it makes someone look approachable. A pair of brown shoes is a key garment as it works well with most of the colors, considering that it ranges from light to dark shades. It could be worn both with casual and evening wear and with proper care it matures in a nice way.

It's a MAN's Class - Monk Strap Shoes

One last thing: Should you wear socks or not? The answer is that you can do whatever you feel like doing, however in more formal outfits it would be proper to wear socks.

Where to Get

The shoes that I chose to present you today are handmade by Kwnstantinos. You may read more about him at our past post A day with Kwnstantinos, A Bespoke Shoemaker. |  Watch by Longines  |  Location Makedonia Palace Hotel

It's a MAN's Class - Monk Strap Shoes


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