The belt is a really important accessory in the matter of styling and comfort. Leather belts need to be quality in order to be long lasting and look sharp.


men's leather belts

My love for handmade and all-time classic creations led me to SPANTIS workshop. SPANTIS creates super-stylish and quality leather accessories that are completely handmade. All leatherwear are exclusively made of high quality materials, guaranteed to be long-lasting. Everything is entirely handsewn, giving his leather handicrafts their remarkable appearance.

On today’s post I chose to present you some of his handmade belts. Distinctive, quality and dapper, these leather belts bring pure vintage elegance to every outfit.

men's leather belts


Exclusively made of carefully collected for being clean and free of marks quality leather, these custom-made belts promise to satisfy your standards.

What makes SPANTIS belts differ from most ready to wear leather belts is that they are sawn in curved shape in order to perfectly fit the body. Furthermore, they possess a leather protector under the buckle, that prevents it from touching and irritating the skin. It, also, provides a small string that helps the wearer from not missing the notch.

SPANTIS mostly uses herbal dyes like aniline and gomme-laque, that give a sheer and stylish finish to his beautiful belts.

men's leather belts


Bespoke garments meet our standards the most and these beautiful belts can be totally customized.

You can choose among a quite wide range of quality buckles, that are imported from Florence, Italy. All metal parts are made of brass, not painted alloy, a characteristic that makes them look classy – providing a gorgeous even color – but most of all makes them durable and long lasting. Furthermore, the belts can be tailor-made in order to fit the wearer’s size, while color and style can be selected, too.

brown leather belt men's leather belts


If you like to see some of his designs and order your own you can visit his website:
Handmade Leather Workshop by John Spantidakis –

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