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Assistant Photographer Bill Kouroupis


Havana Club brings its Cuban roots to life with Havana Club 7 Años new bottle design.

Havana Club has unveiled a new design for its 7 Year Old expression which is renowned for putting Cuban rum on the map as the global leader of the super-premium rum category.

The new bottle celebrates Havana Club’s Cuban roots with a simple shape that mirrors the design of the country’s traditional sipping rums. While retaining its sensual curves, the carefully detailed craft label presents new multi-coloured edges that mirror the vibrancy of Havana.

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The story

Havana Club Añejo 7 Años was brought to the world by legendary Cuban Maestro Ronero Don Jose Navarro. It was customary for the Cuban Maestros to drink Extra aged rums at the distillery but it was Don Jose Navarro who decided to share this very style of rum with the rest of the world. Some rums are made to be mixed, this style was made to be savoured neat. Putting to good use the tradition and the skills previous generations of Maestros handed down to him, Navarro blended and aged his nectar over numerous cycles in order to create a very complex rum with a wealth of flavours that remains incredibly easy to enjoy neat.

To create Havana Club Añejo 7 Años, it takes more than 14 years and the minimum age of any rum in the blend is 7 years. This guaranteed youngest drop policy is made possible by ageing and blending individual barrels, a truly unique technique in the world of rum.

Havana Club 7 is the ideal dark rum to have it neat, on ice or with a few drops of Havana Club Essence of Cuba, to enhance its smooth but multi-layered flavor palette!

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Tasting Notes

So what does Havana Club Añejo 7 Años taste like? It’s a simple answer: just like a fine wine, it’s the taste of the Cuban terroir that comes through, from the world famous Cuban tobacco, to the rich and sweet fruits of a Cuban garden to spices and vanilla flavour brought by long ageing.  And you can even taste the raw material used to make the rum: Cuban sugarcane. Coat the sides of the glass with the rum, then shake it off to discard the last drops, leave it to dry and then, after 20 minutes, smell.  Only a great rum leaves off aromas in a glass for such a long time.

The look

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Special thanks to Markos Machairopoulos for hosting us at his beautiful showroom.

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