This holiday, we travelled to Rethymnon on the island of Crete, to meet a very talented artisan in the field of handmade leather wear, John Spantidakis, the owner of the brand SPANTIS.


SPANTIS creates super-stylish and quality leather accessories, but most of all well-known for their unique character.

Today, I chose to present you two of my favorite leather men’s messenger bags. Their design is outstanding and match perfectly with my everyday outfits.

All-time Classic pieces that promise to satisfy your standards, without ever being obsolete.



Everything started from mr. Karadakis, the teacher of John Spantidakis. Mr. Karadakis learnt and practiced the craft of handmade leatherwear in Italy. He returned to Rethymnon where he founded KARRAS, where John Spantidakis was teached. In 1989, John founded his own workshop in the Old Town of Rethymnon with the brand SPANTIS, where he creates his unique leather goods until today.




The Products
SPANTIS leatherwear are exclusively made of high quality materials, guaranteed to be long-lasting. Everything is entirely handsewed, giving his leather handicrafts their remarkable appearance.

Giving importance to every single detail, SPANTIS imports all metal parts from Italy. I, really, got fascinated by the way those clasps embellish his gorgeous handbags!

It is, also, impressive that colors are mostly herbal.  Aniline, gomme-laque and acrylics to achieve bolder results. It is very interesting that everyone can watch the manufacturing process into his workshop, once his lab is visible to customers.

Handmade_leathers_spantis-24  Handmade_leathers_spantis-39

If you like to see some of his designs and order your own you can visit his Etsy Store which is SpantisLeathers.

Handmade Leather Workshop by John Spantidakis

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