While browsing online, I came across to the most beautiful valet stand I have ever seen, manufactured in England by Honorific.

Honorific is the luxury furniture brand dedicated to the elegance of a gentleman’s classic yet sophisticated home environment. They pride themselves on producing only the highest quality contemporary furniture while following rich historical traditions. Their designs are uniquely detailed, strikingly crafted and highly elegant, yet functional from every possible angle.

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The London based company Honorific, with its original new designs and an astonishing level of craftsmanship, brings new levels of luxury in furniture design from Britain to honour a gentleman in his everyday rituals. Through exclusive attention to detail this stylish gentleman’s valet stand is a manifestation of cohesion between British master craftsmanship and classical design to celebrate the passion they share with us for the highest quality sartorial garments, shoes and accessories.

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This is a modern day classic that suits both conservative and contemporary gentlemen. There is ample space for trousers, shoes, ties, fine jewellery and a jacket. The valet hanger is sculpted from one piece of solid hardwood to provide the ultimate rest for and increase the longevity of your sharp tailored suit. A brass plate personally engraved for you can not only honour your achievements but immortalize you and your lifestyle. And it does not matter whether you use the valet stand to prepare your wardrobe for the following exciting day or after finishing the workday. It serves you in following your own rituals. We took our time designing this unique high quality piece of furniture, never rushing to meet a deadline and always paying attention to the details. Made from premium black American walnut with solid brass fittings, the stand is simply beautiful. All
inserts and fittings are made from high quality brass and this valet stand is designed to be long lasting but with easily refinished or replaceable parts if ever necessary. The oiled wood finish retains as much of the natural black American walnut texture as possible. The individually hand polished and waxed brass details will develop a rich, well aged warm patina over the years.

Shop online: www.honorific.co.uk

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