People in general are not really familiar to what bespoke shoes are. Bespoke shoes are footwear made especially for a certain customer. The customer can choose between different styles, colors, leather types etc.

Even if it is extremely hard to fit your foot into a ready-to-wear shoe or you want a particular quality garment that will be made for you only and will fit you perfectly, bespoke shoes are something you might take into consideration.

As a quality garments’ lover, the first time I happened upon a pair of handmade shoes, I got fascinated by the perfect style, the premium quality and the immaculate finish. I knew I was holding something precious and I was absolutely confident that I would own a pair of those soon…

In my journey through bespoke garments I met Ioannis Karagiorgos, a super-talented shoemaker based in Kifissia. Being inspired by his family’s heritage, since his grandfather and father where both shoemakers, making quality handmade shoes was a huge challenge for him. Upon completing his studies in management control, French language and culture in Sorbonne, he decided to take courses in shoe design, close to mr. Kouloumasis.

And since 2013 Ioannis Karagiorgos is totally into creating high quality handmade shoes, custom and bespoke handmade shoes. Drawing inspiration from life itself, as it is considered to be his most important source of creativity, he is constantly experimenting in new styles and materials. And he is making wonders.

The procedure of taking the required measurements with absolute specificity in the first place, to the manufacturing process, till the delivery of the final product, make the production of a pair of handmade shoes a ritual.

As Ioannis says: “Because the expression of oneself is a luxury which is nice to indulge in…”, I am totally convinced that I am not referring to plain footwear, but to a small, everyday piece of art.


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Ioannis Karagiorgos


Kifissia, Athens

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