Photography: Kosmas Koumianos

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Spending quality time with friends is food for the soul and a refreshing aperitivo at the garden of Life Gallery feels just right!

Me and my friend Thanos Asfis share the same passion: style and photography. This is not actually what brought us close but through our friendship, and as being Thanos’ stylist, we discovered that we both believe in beauty through everything we do.

One day, we decided to meet Sarto from Liverpool and create cocktail jackets for both of us, made from the same fabric. It wasn’t the first time we wanted to create similar garments, actually we have many things that are alike. Maybe, Thanos is the brother I never had, I assume this applies to him, too! 🙂

Therefore, upon a beautiful conversation we had with Sarto team, we opted for two jackets, made from the same fabric, but with different details.

The Jackets

The concept was simple: To create jackets that would proudly accompany us to a night-out at a beautiful leafy Athenian garden. What colour would be more suitable that green for this occasion?

Hence, we selected a Solbiati mid-green wool-silk-linen Italian fabric that would be light and suitable to be worn almost all year long! I chose a half canvas construction with soft shoulders, shawl wide lapels and patch pockets, while Thanos chose smaller shawl lapels and flap pockets. Both garments have Neapolitan influences (my all time favourite!!)

The Cocktail

The jackets were ready and the time for the night-out with my dear friend has came!

But, we already knew wouldn’t go there alone. Bill would join us, a sharp dresser and brother of Konstantinos – one of the two owners of Sarto.

Being in the garden of Life Gallery, drinking a refreshing aperitivo and discussing about our new jackets sounded fabulous, therefore, he wore his dapper Sarto suit and accompanied us to this appealing gathering. Bill’s half canvased suit is made by an elegant Loro Piana mid-blue fine check seersucker fabric and looks beautiful with its notch wide lapels, the unconstructed shoulders and the patch pockets.

We had an amazing time together- we discussed, we enjoyed our aperitivos and we got photographed. Looking forward for the next gathering… (actually, I am already envisage the next jackets!)

P.S. On September 25th and 26th, Athens meets Liverpool. Sarto team is throwing a Trunk Show Event at Truman, to introduce their exclusive traveling tailoring service across Greece and the UK. Don’t miss it!

Read more about Sarto here: Sarto Luxury Tailoring – Walk with Style

Get the Look

Jacket by Sarto  |  Shirt by Tailor  |  Tie by OraGentleman  |  Pants by Giannetos  |  Bespoke Suede Tassel Loafers by Ioannis Karagiorgos

Many thanks to Kosmas Koumianos for the beautiful photoshoot and Life Gallery for the warm hospitality!

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