Photography : Thanos Asfisline

One should not only wear suits on formal occasions. Real gentlemen want to be well dressed during their personal time. The khaki suit is considered to be the ultimate leisure suit. Being usually lightweight, the khaki suit is a comfortable option, while it brings a relaxed, stylish and chill vibe to your appearance.


The khaki suit is not a formal option as it is suitable for business wear and social wear. Bright, fresh and versatile it will proudly accompany you everyday anywhere-anytime!


The look

Let’s talk about today’s dapper Carlo Barbera Solaro S’150s khaki suit by Tailor. A piece of clothing that definitely makes for a quality and special choice for a ready-to-wear suit. The jacket has majestic wide double stitched lapels that emphasize the chest of the wearer. The exact jacket has also Neapolitan shoulder. Neapolitan shoulder is minimal and looks natural, as it has lack of padding, has a pleated sleeve head and a spalla camicia (it is translated as shirt shoulder, as it follows the natural shape of the body, just like a shirt). The jacket has also double-stitched patch pockets that describe it as casual wear. The slim fit trousers are also double stitched and have a jazzy 5 cm revere.


Khaki, as all neutral colors, can be paired with almost any shirt and tie combination and still preserve its crispness, simplicity and elegance.

Wanting to break up the monotony, I reached for a subtle stripped shirt, that added an extra sharp and stylish vibe to my outfit.

Neutral colors match perfectly with khaki, so monk-straps in an earthy tone, like these gorgeous bespoke shoes that I am presenting you today, definitely add sleek sophistication.

I embellished my outfit with a polka-dot pochet and an all time classic panama hat.

Get the look

Suit by TAILOR  | Shirt by Christakis Athens  | Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos  |  Panama Hat by GIANNETOS

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