Vardas, a brand leading men’s business and formal attire, since 1939, wanting to support uniqueness, decided to embed a made to measure service. Except for a wide range of quality fabrics, “Made to measure by Vardas” offers a unique experience of creating the suit, jacket or trousers of your choice, being guided by their well trained salesmen.


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This is quite accurate, as creating my made to measure suit was an easy and amusing procedure. Having to choose the fabric was simpleĀ  as I was absolutely confident that I wanted an elegant pinstripe suit and I selected a super-fine 100% wool LORO PIANA fabric.


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The next step was choosing the style. Wanting to create a majestic and classy suit, I chose a double breasted jacket with wide lapels. I was able to choose the number and type of pockets, the trouser’s fit and style -I chose pleated front pants-, the buttons, the lining, the stitches…

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When I received my new suit, I was full of satisfaction, as it was exactly as I have visualized it. The fit was amazing, as it felt like it was built on my body.

Quality, flattering and elegant, this suit will proudly accompany me to many occasions and experiences!

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“Made to measure by Vardas” service starts at the end of October 2016.

For more information you may call: 211-6006906.

Special thanks to King George Athens Hotel for the hospitality.

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