Natural, effective, holistic approach in men’s treatment.

APIVITA presents the new APIVITA MENS CARE line, with 6 unique products for the treatment of male skin.


The products of MEN’S CARE line consist of rich formulas with 88%-99% natural ingredients. Their effectiveness is based upon a combination of extracts from Hippocratic herbs, essential oils and plant ingredients, and their action is proven by clinical and laboratory studies. Propolis, cedar, balsam, chick pea, cardamom are only a few of the natural ingredients that the line contains and which can treat ideally the male skin.

APIVITA MEN’S CARE line does not contain alcohol, an ingredient that exists in most men’s products for face treatment, because it causes irritations and dries the skin. Thanks to propolis and essential oils, the products of the line have a light texture and offer antiseptic action.

Like all APIVITA products, the MEN’S CARE line does not contain parabens, silicones, propylene glycol and mineral oil.

GENTLE SHAVING CREAM- Shave without irritations

With balsam & propolis | 99% natural ingredients

The gentle shaving cream of the APIVITA MEN’S CARE line softens the beard and gives you a deep and easy shave, thanks to balsam, calendula, beeswax and sambucus. It protects the skin with the help of the antiseptic and astringent properties of propolis, and it does not contain any alcohol. Thanks to the action of organic essential oils of cedar, cardamom, lemon and clary sage, it uplifts the mood and revitalizes the skin.

apivita gentle shaving cream


With balsam & propolis | 97% natural ingredients

The unique after shave balm treats the skin and soothes from possible irritations caused from shaving, thanks to the organic extracts from balsam, calendula, chamomile and sambucus. It moisturizes the skin after shaving and gives a feeling of freshness due to the birch extract. It protects the skin from infections due to propolis antiseptic and astringent properties.

apivita_itsamansclass-2 apivita_itsamansclass-4


With cedar & cardamom | 90% natural ingredients

The ultimate men’s perfume with woody and amber notes. A unique mixture of 7 essential oils, cedar, cardamom, lemon, orange, tangerine, bergamot and clary sage, which rejuvenates the senses. The eau de toilette from APIVITA MEN’S CARE line combines in complete balance a touch of citrus on top, a body of lavender in its heart and the warm finish of sandalwood, which relieves from emotional fatigue.



With cedar & propolis | 92% natural ingredients

The cream-gel has a cooling, non greasy texture, which is ideal for the male skin. It offers deep hydration and tones the skin, leaving a unique feeling of freshness, thanks to the birch extract and to aloe, while balsam offers mild treatment and protects skin from irritations. Cardamom and propolis extracts protect skin from premature aging caused by free radicals.



With cardamom & propolis | 96% natural ingredients

The anti-wrinkle face and eye cream reduces the surface and the depth of the wrinkles due to the organic beech extract. It protects from premature ageing with the help of propolis and cardamom. It also helps the skin with the everyday signs of tiredness and reduces dark circles under the eyes thanks to chick pea and ruscus.



With cardamom & propolis | 88% natural ingredients

A 2 in 1 product, shampoo and shower gel, which gently cleanses body and hair, while the propolis and the licorice that it contains help regulate greasiness. It maintains the health of skin and the natural moisture of hair due to rice proteins.

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