Photography: Chris Tsanis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

A Czech adage warns “every mushroom is edible, but some only once.”

From portabellas and button mushrooms to the more exotic truffles and shiitakes, there’s no “fun guy” like the edible mushroom. These scrumptious fungi bring flavor to stir-fries, plush salads, and exquisite meals, but one barely has to visit the grocery store to take advantage of them—many edible varieties can be found growing in the wild, and it’s a gent’s sport to wildcraft, or forage mushrooms, which is exactly what It’s a MAN’s Class went for a couple of days ago.

white volvo xc40

My quest’s end would be to side with Spilios, an expert mycologist and mushroom forager -I highly suggest you don’t venture hunting for fungi solo- owner of a magnificent rural jazz-loving tavern at the village of Solos in Achaia.

white volvo xc40

Hermes, my affable wiener, my gentle companion, and I mounted a Volvo XC40 Momentum 1500 by Volvo Greece and set off for the Korinthian Highlands. This commendable mix of aesthetic and practical design is to the world-class petrolhead what a sublime line of suits is to a sartorialist.

white volvo xc40

Honoring its traditional Swedish roots the high-riding hatch did marvels dispatching the bumps of our uneven route ahead, isolating this ready-to-hunt occupant and his merry company from the outside world. After a long, impressively refined driving experience at 1750 m. this dynamic, athletic, Scandinavian-craftmanship beastie brought us safely to the top.

white volvo xc40 white volvo xc40

The Look

Now you may well know my adherence to sharp aesthetics, but one can call themselves a proper dresser without the appropriate wildcrafter’s accouterment.

The Barbour story began in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields, espousing the unique values of the British Countryside and bringing the qualities of wit, grit, and glamour to its beautifully functional clothing, therefore my iconic wax cotton jacket could not be missing.

white volvo xc40

Paired to an off-white merinos turtleneck from OraGentleman, the always necessary blue Ralph Lauren jeans, and green Vibram sole booties by the Parisian-based Ioannis Bespoke Shoes, my trusted Georgio Hatter and brown driving gloves proved nothing short of utilitarian to brave the sharp swiss of highland blows.

I could be raving for hours on how this enthusiastic outdoorsman spent the morning rooting around the woods in this treasury for mushroom hunters, but it is better I allow the wonderful images art photographer Chris Tsanis captured to tell the story.

white volvo xc40

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