Photography: Thanos Asfis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Nothing is more appealing than an elegant, well tailored suit.

Neapolitan style is one of my favourites and when it came to creating my new suit, I was sure that Kourlas’ team would make it exactly as I imagined it! So, they did… They created a beautiful, well tailored suit that radiates the relaxed yet flawless vibe of the Italian style.

The Jacket

The jacket I am presenting today, has been clearly influenced by the Neapolitan jacket.

Through the last years, the Neapolitan jacket has become quite popular among men who appreciate classic menswear and not without a reason. Neapolitan jackets are stylish, comfortable and leisurely.


One of the most distinctive features of the Neapolitan Jacket is the shoulder style, facilitating the freedom of movement. We created the most formal option, where the Neapolitan shoulder features a “rollino” (spalla con rollino) – providing a ruffled look to the shoulder. Con Rollino actually means “with roll”: the fabric slightly rises from the seam and falls into the sleeve, creating a sophisticated draped appearance on the shoulder.

Regarding the pockets, we decided to follow the Neapolitan style. The pockets of Neapolitan jackets are usually curved and applied as patches, providing a sophisticated yet relaxed look. Their shape recalls that of a pot, therefore they are called “a pignata”.

Neapolitan jackets are, also, famous for their wide lapels. Wide lapels emphasise the chest, providing a majestic and stately look. Nikos and Panos Kourlas created exactly what I had in mind, as the wide lapels pointed out the whole jacket.

Regarding the cloth, we selected a black and white pied de poule wool Loro Piana fabric. Pied-de-poule, is a pattern originated in Scotland in the 1800s, firstly worn by shepherds as an outerwear. During the 1930s pied-de-poule (or houndstooth in English) was commonly worn by the upper class as a symbol of wealth. It is a duotone textile pattern characterised by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white. A distinctive and sophisticated pattern that could be proudly worn anytime, bringing severe sartorial elegance to every outfit.

The Pants

The perfect match for my Neapolitan-inspired jacket is these high waist black wool pants. Having some quite distinctive features like the front pleats and the broad waistband that is fastened with two buttons give the right amount of flair to complete my new super-stylish suit!

Get The Look

Jacket and pants by Kourlas, Voulis 5, Athens  | Denim Shirt by Kourlas | Black Garza Tie by OraGentleman | Pocket Square by ΚΥΔΟΣ  |  Black leather-suede Oxford Bespoke Shoes by Kwnstantinos

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