Photography: Vasilis Kouroupis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

The new made to measure service of Bespoke Athens is now available and I had the pleasure to explore it myself!

A few days ago, I visited Bespoke Athens to meet their new made to measure service, where they took my measurements and helped me choose my new made to measure jacket, that I cannot wait to show you!

Bespoke Athens

“Bespoke Athens”: A place where expertise meets idealization.

A Sartorial Fashion House in Athens where you are going to meet one of the most educated and passionate, yet romantic lover of handmade garments, Vassilis Bourtsalas, who is the owner of the atelier.

Being absolutely conversant with haute couture for gentlemen, while providing choices of quality and elegance, he is going to take you on a journey through the sartorial world and help you create a perfect unique garment made exclusively for you.

The Service

The made to measure was always among the services of Bespoke Athens, but it was considered to be high-cost as the jackets were made in Saint Andrews, the best made to measure manufacturer in the world, with collaborations like Stefano Ricci, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Bijan and more. Since September 2018, Bespoke Athens has enriched its options by adding three boutique manufactories in Italy, aiming for having affordable solutions for even younger dressers.

The Jacket

Bespoke Athens team has created its own patterns, perfectly adjusted to the greek market’s needs.

Regarding the fabrics, the customer can choose whatever he prefers, even from the Bespoke fabric collections.

Concerning the construction, the jackets are full canvased and can be also half canvased upon request. In the new made to measure service of Bespoke Athens there are three fits: the young casual fit, the business classic and the sartorial fit, which is closer to bespoke look.

The Philosophy

The made to measure service is a completely new thing for Bespoke Athens, as it is a Fashion House mainly for bespoke garments, however the team, based on its experience and aesthetic quality, tried hard so that the made to measure garments approach as much as possible the bespoke’s look and feel.

Furthermore, the client gets more and more familiar with custom clothing, through the guidance of Bespoke Athens experienced team.

Last but not least, Bespoke Athens has a hold on the house’s main principle. Not only to make a perfectly tailored jacket, but to create a stylish garment, even for the most demanding dressers!

Very soon, I will present you my new made to measure jacket by Bespoke Athens, so stay tuned!

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