The winter collection of OraGentleman accessories pays tribute to smart dandy look.

About OraGentleman, a Greek brand that was built on Nikos Makridakis passion, respecting the man who embraces classic in all forms.


The man who looks past the unworthy and the ephemeral, creating his own legacy.

For OraGentleman, a true gentleman loves life. He lives with his own unique “Modo di Vivere”. For him, life is “L’arte de Vivre”. Living well is his everyday choice! The man of OraGentleman is simple, authentic and unique, because he creates his own code, his own style.

The Collection

The OraGentleman accessories are sensuous and colorful. Captivating and nostalgic, like a scene of Fellini’s Amarcord.

A collection that oozes romanticism, while radiating an aura of French May, recapturing the bohemian atmosphere of the 60s.

Foulards, pocket squares, Tricot ties, Ascot scarves, Garza and Fedora hats synthesise the wardrobe of a sharp gentleman.

Shades of burgundy, green, brown and purple meet imaginative patterns (paisley and other prints) completing the scene of another auxiliary era that has made a comeback.

Discover the world of OraGentleman.

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