Photography: Michail Androulidakis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

When a shoe becomes a work of art.

Two years ago, Ioannis Karagiorgos, a talented shoemaker, who a few months ago moved his business to Paris, created for me a beautiful pair of bespoke Oxford Shoes. As a result of frequent use, the upper part of the shoes worn out, so I visited Takouni Star in Kolonaki, to bring my favourite shoes back to life!

What is Patina

Patina or Anticatura (Italian word for antique finishing) is a special technique that allows a newer shoe to have the character of an older one shoe without wear.

The technique was introduced to the world by Berluti and mastered in France and Italy by exceptional shoemakers like Santoni, Corthay and Bontoni. It was developed as one of the biggest trends in the last decade giving new shoes an old-school edge or helping bring distressed shoes back to life.

Patina is achieved entirely by hand. Certain areas are artfully dyed to provide footwear with a luxurious, deeply hued, high-gloss finish.

Once you introduce yourself to the world of antiqued shoes, one more pair will never be enough!

The Procedure

An authentic patina offers a distinguished result that can only be entrusted to the hands of the antique finisher.

A time-consuming procedure, in which layer-by-layer the dye is used to built up the desired finish, creating an all-over ombre effect or subtle detailing around the toe box and the sides of the vamp.

The shoes need to dry between each layer (they are in total around 8-9) from the base coat until it reaches the desired result. In order to achieve the characteristic sheen of the patina, the shoes are being buffed and shined with beeswax polish, emphasising the intensity of the chosen hue.

The result is a pair of perfectly shined, elegant and unique shoes that cannot go unnoticed.

Once you introduce yourself to the world of antiqued shoes, one more pair will never be enough!

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