Photographer: Thanos Asfis

Assistant Photographer: Bill Kouroupis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Location: King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens

Pink. A statement that flatters.

“The main worry for most guys is that they could look effeminate in pink. But, no colour is off limits. It’s just the way you style it and the confidence with which you pull it off” – Dan May, Mr Porter Style Director.

Pink is personality. A man who wears pink is not just fashion forward, he is secure in his sexuality while being comfortable in his own skin. A man that wears whatever he likes, looking past stereotypes and obsolete beliefs. Wearing pink takes an additional amount of confidence and desire to stand out and there is nothing more attractive than a confident man. With the help of pink you can bring out your most poweful self!


Until the 60s, where the global fashion industry classified colours by sex aiming to increase sales, pink was considered to be unisex. In fact, during the 18th century men where known to wear pink silk floral suits.

Furthermore, until the 20th century toddlers of either sex were dressed in unisex all-white dresses, but when colours were used, boys were dressed in pink. Hues of pink were not considered gender-specifying colours, but where associated with youth, health innocence.

Additionally, red was reputed to be a more masculine and warlike colour, as it comes from red known for its strength and power.

During the 1900s Brooks Brothers introduced the first pink dress shirt that became quite popular among men.

We all remember Robert Redford acting Jay Gatsby famously wearing his pink suit in The Great Gatsby, symbolising his social class.

How to wear

The first rule of menswear success is to keep things simple. Hues of pink can make you stand out either you choose a pair of pink socks or a pink jacket. The key for an elegant appearance is balance.

Try to make combinations that are aesthetically pleasing. A safe option is pink with beige, grey, white along with darker shades. As soon as you feel like you have mastered the basics you can experiment with more creative combinations.

Pink is quite a flattering statement. Women love pink and the right choices can make you really stand out. Choose shades that compliment your skin tone. Men with fair skin should choose bolder shades, while men with dark skin should prefer lighter ones.

The Look

Did you know that you can still wear pink in winter? Pink layering pieces offer contrast, peeking out from underneath heavier outerwear, breaking up the monotony of winter wardrobes.

The key piece of my outfit is a pink pied de poule tweed jacket by Bespoke Athens, handmade by the well known Italian tailors Sciamat.

Pied-de-poule, is a pattern originated in Scotland in the 1800s, firstly worn by shepherds as an outerwear. During the 1930s pied-de-poule (or houndstooth in English) was commonly worn by the upper class as a symbol of wealth. It is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white. A distinctive and sophisticated pattern that could be proudly worn anytime, bringing severe sartorial elegance to every outfit.

As the jacket is a bold statement itself, I tried keep the rest of my outfit simple, using garments in pink, white and brown. I combined it with a premium quality 100% cashmere sweater, a bespoke 100% cotton white shirt and white pants. I embellished my outfit with a pair of pink socks, brown bespoke patina shoes and an elegant casual watch with metal band.

Get the Look

Pied de Poule Bespoke Tweed Jacket Sciamat by Bespoke Athens | Bespoke Shirt by Bespoke Athens | Sweater by Bespoke Athens | Pochette, Socks & Boutonnière by Bespoke Athens | Bespoke Patina Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos | Watch by Longines

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