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Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Shoes are considered to be the foundation of an outfit. Therefore, gentlemen should wear brushed and polished footwear for a sharp and flawless appearance.

Quality leather shoes are an investment piece and we should put some effort to keep them looking their best and ensure their longevity in wear. Leather shoes are organic objects and must be cared properly.

On today’s post, we have some very useful tips about taking care of your favorite leather shoes and a super handy kit by Saphir containing all the shoe care essentials!

Remove Dust

The first step of shoe care is to remove dust and dirt, preferably with a horsehair brush after every use and before applying any polishing or conditioning product. If dirt cannot be completely removed with the brush, use a dump cloth to remove it, but don’t forget to let it dry before using polish or cream conditioner.

Throw away the Shoe Box

Putting the shoes into the shoe box, won’t let them dry. Humidity would damage the materials of the shoe.

Give the Shoes a Day-Off

Shoes should not be worn every day. You should give them a chance to breathe by letting them rest for a whole day before wearing them again.

Put Cedar Shoe Trees

Cedar shoe trees are an important investment for the man that takes his shoes seriously. After every use, leather shoes should be put on unfinished cedar shoe trees that would retain the shape, reduce creases and absorb moisture.


Applying cream conditioner once a month would soften and moisturize your leather shoes. Shoes are organic objects and we should provide them the needed nutrients. Cream conditioner will maintain and maximize their lifespan, as it helps preventing them from cracking.

Apply cream conditioner with a cotton cloth in circular motions. Let it dry and then rub the shoe with a horsehair brush to remove any excess cream.


There are two types of polishes. Cream polish and Wax polish. Cream polish offers good color rejuvenation and wax polish provides shine by creating coating. Wax polish is mostly suggested as it protects and enhances the smoothness of the finish.

Apply a small amount of shoe polish with a cotton cloth. Rub the shoe in circular motions. Then use a horsehair brush to remove any excess polish and finish with a cotton cloth so it shines.

You may find this shoe care kit at Takouni Star, Saphir’s official retailer in Greece.

The shoes are bespoke and handmade by Ioannis Karagiorgos. You may read about the exact shoes on our recent post: PATINA SHOES – THE NEW OLD

Handmade Leather Laptop Case by Spantis Leatherwear.

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