Photography: Andreas Souchis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Getting dressed for business used to be a no-brainer. You showered, shined, and slipped into your suit, of three or four navy or gray, solid or striped, time-honored ensembles. The option was yours. It was hard to make too big a fashion gaffe donning a suit.

But in this era of workwear glasnost, the rules have loosened up. The allure and quick riches of start-ups of the 90’s encouraged men to begin taking fashion cues from Silicon Valley rather than Savile Row.

The onset of casual Friday followed shortly by corporate casual can be viewed as a business guy’s grassroots movement, the outgrowth of his desire to look and feel comfortable. And where the “c” word comes up, the inevitably relaxed smart of the Polo shirt appears.

How to dress-down your jacket with a Polo Shirt

Contrary to what Wall Street or the Wharton School may have naively reasoned by jettisoning the suit and necktie uniform, they also elevated the polo-shirt into the new common dress-down denominator.


Leave it up to Truman Clothiers and its streamlined aesthetic to update the polo shirt with a neat, made to measure soft collar cotton 140gr Thomas Mason piece in Viridian Green.

Worn under a tailored Oxford Blue light foldable trench and a made to measure unlined 3 button sea-green jacket,with patch pockets and wide lapels, in linen-cotton chunky-mesh by Loro Piana , the way to make a polo shirt work to more formal effect is the best way to boot up visual interest, and can produce handsome dividends in dressing down your businesswear.

Truman’s alternative to the classic suit pants is the made-to-measure beige golf stretch trousers which can easily multitask to accommodate a broad spectrum of dressed-down suits, such as this modern assemblage of separates.

Mixing a pair of tailored tassel Truman loafers in cordovan burgundy imposes a different sense of style, particularly if the wearer’s hair happens to be in the dark accord.

As the shoe gets more substantial, each accessory becomes that much more important. I went for the army green watch and rugged twill rucksack by Filson, and the drill brass bottle green sunglasses by Bespoke Dudes to affect a more downtown demeanor.

Get The Look

Total look by TRUMAN

Made to Measure Viridian Green soft-colar cotton 140gr polo by Thomas Mason  |  Made to Measure unlined 3 button seagreen Jacket,with patch pockets and wide lapels, in linen-cotton chunky-mesh by Loro Piana  |  Made to Measure Oxford Blue light foldable trench  |  Made to Measure Trousers beige golf stretch  |  Khaki watch by Filson  |  Sunglasses by Bespoke Dudes Eyewear  |  Backpack by Filson  |  Made to Measure Tassel Loafers in Cordovan Burgundy

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