Photography: Andreas Souchis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

A refreshing twist on Gent’s Made to Measure Styling.

I believe it was Mr. Slim Aarons whose penchant for photographing I quote: “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places” had the world of style instantly struck by colors, and not just those perfectly-manicured gardens and poolside retreats of his contemporary sixties and seventies, but the pictorially conductive to the celebration of life gent hosts themselves, who managed to mix their attire adding generous splashes of hues to otherwise conservative sartorial choices.

The case of playing upbeat seems to be stronger than ever today, and even if Spring’s wardrobe is not out on the shelves yet, the preamble of the first tonal contrasts and color-blocking inclination has already started to sprout under the winter snow. You’ll be surprised to see how this refreshing twist on gent’s made to measure styling can make you feel. A special blend of gear worthy of its own canvas is on a serious makeover. From block-colour separates to pieces with segmented color there is a great way to inject some freshness and excitement into your look while the weather’s still chilly. No better time to seize the moment in fact.

Pulling it together

When it comes to effortless standout style and if I could afford just one piece of advice that would be:

Every man needs in his life a dentist, a barber, a head doctor, and a tailor, so FIND A TAILOR WHO CAN EXECUTE THE PERFECT CUT (I cannot seem to stress this hard enough). With Truman Clothiers breaking new grounds in made to measure unconventional pieces of smart casual meets m2m suiting. One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to tailoring – you need to hone in on every detail to get it right. You can now get your sur-mesure chino trousers in a wide selection of patterns and colors, order your pair of tailored sneakers paired to accouterments for finer tastes. Gents have some sort of specifics on the way we wear color if we choose to wear it well and once we’ve mastered color-blocking, everything else is just a matter of mood. From preppy and easy, to show-stealing, posh, kaleidoscopic hues there is a perfect mix of contemporary and classic on our radar.

The Look

As the old suiting adage will have it the blazer is your canvas and the accessories are your brushstrokes.

Rather than looking as if wearing a stiff corporate uniform, It’s a MAN’s Class goes for a few key tweaks. The first in the form of the soft and perfectly proof Loro Piana rain system cloth trench by Truman Made to Measure, the second in the button down collar placket shirt in Thomas Mason twill denim cotton, and goldenrod cotton 2-button jacket (watch out gents as goldenrod is the new so-in-the-new-season hue).

What is it about the way you update classic denim that works so well? A made to measure Truman denim piece of trousers in Loro Piana cloth with buckle and strap, the double monk strap sneakers in cognac and a tricot striped tie. With nothing more at your disposal than great clothes, superb taste, and enviable self-assurance, you can achieve that distinctly dapper look, at once careless and artfully put together.

Get the Look

You may find everything that I am wearing at Truman Clothiers:

Clothing, shoes and accessories Made to Measure by Truman  |  Eyewear by Bespoke Dudes  |  Watch by Filson  |  Suitcase Globe-Trotter


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