Grey. A color synonym to class. A color neither too dark, nor too light. A color suitable for any occasion, mood or time of the day. A quiet color that could create either elegant and chic, or fashionable and creative looks.

Today, I chose to present you two looks by Rococo, based in shades of grey. Rococo is a greek company, founded in 1977, that trades in the manufacturing of men and women’s clothing. Rococo’s main aim is to provide quality products at the lowest possible price. Rococo clothes are recognizable, maintaining a distinctive identity, while having peculiar design.

The man in the grey flannel suit

The grey flannel suit is a timeless piece of clothing, quite flattering and classy. It looks great on all ages and it is considered to be the ultimate matte suit. I chose to wear this two button, slim-fit suit with the classic shirt and tie combination for a quiet and elegant result. I spiced up my outfit with a pair of yellow socks and a fancy paisley pochet.





The check jacket

An interesting choice that is pretty easy to combine. Could be paired with most pants colors, depending on your mood. Quiet, but not boring at all, the grey check jacket is a key-piece that every man should own.


Grey suit Rococo

Check grey jacket Rococo

Shirt Rococo

Knit tie ASOS

Socks ASOS

Photographer MaRaDinn.Photography.Art

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