Shawl lapel. One continuous piece all the way around the neck, which is completely rounded – without any points or notches.

Shawl lapel was introduced in the Victorian-era smoking jackets and it was meant for the upper class.

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Since then, tuxedos rocking a shawl collar are considered to be the most formal option of dressĀ  attire. One should wear a tuxedo with shawl lapel at Black Tie events, galas and weddings.

The shawl lapel is usually flattering, as it makes the chest look big and majestic, but it should be avoided by people with rounded face or body, as it will emphasize the rounded shape.



Due to the fact that during this season, most of us have to attend formal events or weddings, I chose to create a formal classic outfit. The look is consisted of a midnight blue three-piece ready to wear tuxedo with shawl lapel, a plain quality white shirt, a blue self-tie bow tie and a pair of black handmade derby shoes – all by Tailor.


tailor_tuxedo-25 tailor_tuxedo-26 tailor_tuxedo-31 tailor_tuxedo-43

The exact suit is quite flattering because of its slim line – while midnight blue gives an appealing and smart accent.

A classic choice when it comes to formal occasions, but definitely stylish. The perfect combination for the well-dressed modern dandy.



Total outfit: TAILOR

Photography by George Katsanakis

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