Photography: Bill Kouroupis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

The Mediterranean scent is liberating.

The moment you gaze at the endless blue, you know you are free and ready to ooze away, where the sea touches the sky and the eyes meet the infinity. The Mediterranean scent radiates notes of local herbs, fruits, iodine, sea breeze, hot sun, carelessness, savoury tastes, refreshing drinks, and starry nights.

My Greek Summer Look

During my vacations I enjoy to be as relaxed as possible.

This is the reason why I usually walk barefoot. The feeling of my bare feet walking through the warm ground feels sensual and relaxing. All these textures that we don’t feel everyday, stimulate my senses, providing a strong feeling of liberation.

A Greek Summer look could not be anything else than something cool, effortless and stylish… Airy fabrics that ventilate well and bright colours are the protagonists, providing the right amount of leisure to my summer wardrobe.

The look that I chose to accompany me to my trip to Santorini is exactly this. Lightweight and relaxed, oozing the aura of the mediterranean summer. The Revival unconstructed beige linen jacket with its matching waistcoat and the regimental linen trousers were the perfect choice for my strolls around the alleys of the island. A quality Panama Hat and a beautiful pair of sunglasses are the only essential accessories to complete my Greek Summer look!

My Greek Summer Fragrance

The new Acqua di Parma Chinotto di Liguria is the ultimate summer fragrance!

Chinotto di Liguria is the breath of Ligurian nature, which grows luxuriantly on rocks that tumble steeply down into the sea. The top notes of the fragrance are like a breeze: a charge of pure energy enhanced by the bittersweet notes of the chinotto fruit and the sparkling crispness of mandarin. At its heart, jasmine and geranium bloom with the dynamic and refreshing notes of cardamom and rosemary. It is rounded off with the peace and tranquillity afforded by the base notes of musk and patchouli. A fragrance reminiscent of an early morning stroll along the rocky coastlines of western Liguria.

It’s the extremely rare chinotto fruit that makes our new Blu Mediterraneo fragrance: Chinotto di Liguria weaves its own magic. Even the briefest encounter with its enticing bittersweet notes whisks you lightly away to sunlight trickling off waves and a breeze suggestive of wonder and nature. As rare as breathing in Eden, the chinotto is both a symbol of Liguria’s crafting traditions, and a blessed way to bring you there.

Exposing yourself to new sensations means letting go. It’s as easy as breathing. Blu Mediterraneo represents much more than Mediterranean aromas: it unlocks a fresh state of mind to connect you to everything around you – for the easy and full satisfaction of your senses. Savour Acqua di Parma scents for this unique freedom.

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Total look by Tailor  |  Panama Hat by OraGentleman | Eyewear by Jim Frames | Fragrance Acqua di Parma

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