Photography: Marie Claire


Life is a lot like golf. Success depends less on strength of body, more on strength of mind. Through the mind we create the most sophisticated form of beauty.

Elegance, class and gentility are It’s a MAN’s Class‘ core values, therefore I chose to generate beauty through sophistication by creating a golf inspired outfit for Golden Hall Fashion Games for Marie Claire Blog Awards 2016.


Golden_Hall_Fashion-4 Golden_Hall_Fashion-5

GOLDEN HALL was the ideal play field, as scouting for the perfect garments, resulted in a wonderful experience. Having infinite choices through leading brands,  helped me compose the outfit that I exactly had in mind, in a cozy and pleasant environment…

Striking gold or not, I have experienced a marvelous journey. And this is the most precious award.

Golden_Hall_Fashion-7 Golden_Hall_Fashion-10golden_hall_fashion-1

Get the look

Cardigan & Shoes Brooks Brothers  |  Shirt, Tie & Trousers BOGGI Milano  |  Watch IWC by Kessaris  |  You may find every piece at GOLDEN HALL

And remember:

“I think the mental victory is worth it as much as a gold medal” Cameron Van der Burgh.


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