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Summer vacations! The most liberating time of the year!

Free-spirited and careless mood enriched  with rebellious moments, while soaking up the sun, far from the stressful everyday routine. During summer vacations most of us feel the urge to cut off from the life in the city and adopt a more relaxed and non-conformistic look.

Vibrant colors, daring combinations, jewels, lightweight fabrics… On summer vacations everything is acceptable, as long as it makes you feel liberated!

The Floral Shirt

Colorful, daring and distinctive. The floral shirt proudly reflects that a little blooming adornment is a fresh and contemporary way to demonstrate sartorial expression. Once you maintain the “rule” of one print at a look, the key to approach the right style is layering. Try wearing solid color pants that match your shirt, a white summer jacket and a pair of suede tassel loafers! Jewelry and a panama hat are always welcome!


Get the Look:

Jacket, Shirt, Pants & Shoes   by TAILOR | Panama Hat by OraGentleman | The Wing Pendant by MINAS Jewelry | Skyriana Pocket Square by ΚΥΔΟΣ

The Khaki Suit

The khaki suit is the ultimate leisure suit. Being usually lightweight, the khaki suit is a comfortable option, while it brings a relaxed, stylish and chill vibe to your appearance.

I prefer to get a khaki suit with me on my vacation because it is mighty versatile. It is bright and fresh and will proudly accompany you everyday anywhere-anytime! You can wear it with a polo shirt, a t-shirt, a white shirt or a patterned shirt. Khaki, as all neutral colors, can be paired with almost anything! The combinations are endless!

Regarding the shoes: You can wear your khaki suit with a pair of sneakers, sandals, espadrilles, rivieras… or even barefoot!

The khaki suit is definitely a summer essential!

It's a MAN's Class itsamansclass_vacation_style2

Get The Look:
Khaki Suit, Green Polo & Pocket Square by Giannetos | White Shirt by Christakis | Pendant, Bracelets and Cigar Ring by MINAS Jewelry

Bold Accessories

On summer vacations, many of us want to go the extra mile by using bold, colorful or even peculiar accessories. A pair of multicolored suspenders and a funky tie, radiate a sartorial and creative aura to every outfit! Try them with a monochromatic shirt and pants combination and keep your other accessories neutral. A fedora hat and a pair of leather woven shoes can beautifully complement your summer stylish outfit!

It's a MAN's Class itsamansclass_cuban_dream-25

Get the Look:
Shirt & Pants by Christakis | Hat by Giannetos | Suspenders by Bespoke Athens | Bespoke Woven Shoes by Kwnstantinos Shoes | Bracelets & Cigar Ring by MINAS Jewelry | Handcrafted Cigar Rest by MANCODE | Fragrance MANCODE HAVANA | Watch by LONGINES

The Shorts

Is there any man that does not wear Bermuda shorts on his vacations? Shorts are relaxed, cool and comfortable. Combine a vibrant tailored pair of shorts with a same color polo shirt for a monochromatic and quite interesting result. Instead of sneakers or sandals, you can choose a pair of Rivieras – the perfect holiday shoe!

It's a MAN's Class

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Polo Shirt & Shorts by Christakis | Watch by LONGINES

The Short-sleeved Shirt

Many claim that the short-sleeved shirt is obsolete and kitsch. I, totally, disagree! The short-sleeved shirt when worn right could turn to a bold statement, oozing a vintage, romantic and bohemian attitude. And if you are going to roll out the short-sleeved option it’s got to be good, try a patterned shirt paired with plain solid pants, a combination that would definitely bring the right amount of coolness for your summer vacation!

It's a MAN's Class

Get The Look:
Shirt by Christakis | Pants by Giannetos | Pocket Square by ΚΥΔΟΣ | Panama Hat by OraGentleman

The Car

On summer vacations all you need is a comfortable, safe and spacious car. A car that will make your life easy and pleasant. The powerful Volvo V90 Cross Country has plenty of space for you to carry everything you might need (fellow campers, you know exactly what I mean!).

It's a MAN's Class - Volvo V90 It's a MAN's Class - Volvo V90

Ideal for road trips, this car is a true gem! One of the three safest cars in the market (the other two are also Volvos!) Volvo V90 Cross Country offers a comfortable and efficient driving experience! The interior provides the ideal amount of technology for you to entertain yourself.

It's a MAN's Class

Music is food for the soul and it is essential to create the right mood for vacation! You can listen to your favorite playlists just by connecting your phone to CarPlay! Sit comfortably on the handmade leather seats and enjoy top-class sound provided by Bowers & Wilkins, surrounded by the gorgeous interior embellished with handmade wooden details!

It's a MAN's Class - Volvo V90 It's a MAN's Class - Volvo V90

One sentence sums up the feeling of excitement you get when you first drive Volvo V90: It’s like you fall in love for the first time!

Get The  Look:
Jacket by CANALI | Shirt by Christakis | Pants by Giannetos | Pocket Square by ΚΥΔΟΣ | Fragrance by Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo | Panama Hat by OraGentleman | Volvo V90 Cross Country by Volvo Car Hellas

Special thanks to KTIMA LAAS for the hospitality!

It's a MAN's Class

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