Photography: Andreas Souchis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Fashion may come and go but style is forever. At least that’s what they say.

And with only a breath (okay perhaps a few more) before summer arrives and the living gets easy, it’s time for a fashion-forward outing in the beautiful and blossoming city of Athens, where that old aphorism on style is probably more relevant than ever.

The All-Time Classic White Pants

Summers in Greece have always carried that sense of nonchalance, and in my books, they have a lot to do with a fresh, clean, beautifully tailored shirt in blue stripes, paired to a bowline print necktie loosely worn, to uplift my mood and make me a friendlier bloke. There is most certainly a perfectly fitting cotton white Neapolitan style pair of trousers for the kind of man who spends studious hours curating and assembling the perfect outfit for strolling about town. From early spring to late autumn this is a pair every wardrobe shouldn’t do without.

And yes, a white pair of trousers is, arguably, and in all its forms a necessary premium for every warmer clime chap who is clean, sartorial, dipped head-first in pomade and practically perfect in every way. In fact, when it comes to dressing ourselves, we tend to seek out clothes that have a more subtly appealing quality: ease.

The Look

The House of Christakis loves an easy, comfy garment which is why I trusted them to tailor my unconstructed linen jacket. Designed with exterior pockets, large contemporary lapels, this 3-roll-2 buttoned wander has become a staple in most gentlemen’s wardrobe since a few years.

For those among you who do not know what I’m speaking of, a three-roll-two jacket is a jacket that features 3 buttons holes and three buttons, but with only the middle button intended to be used. These jackets are usually pressed to roll directly to the middle button. The upper buttonhole is practically invisible to the eye, as it is sewed inside the lapel roll.

The sand colored jacket that has Greek summer written all over its every seam is a total mood changer. Clearly cooler and quite similar to the shirt I am wearing it is so lightweight, it could easily pass for a shirt it found its perfect accouterment in a unique Breitling Navitimer timepiece, the all-time favorite among pilots and aeronautical enthusiasts since 1952.

It’s nice to sport a summer look that can easily take you from day till dawn, the central mission of which is to provide you with ease that looks sharp and stylish but is an effortless dream to wear. And when a gent is no more thinking of what to wear there’s nothing to make his days like a trimming and olfactory splash facial barbershop treatment at DON‘s. In fact, when it comes to Athenian strolls, that perhaps may be the point.

Get The Look

Total Outfit by Christakis Athens | Watch by Breitling | Bespoke Shoes by Kwnstantinos Handmade Shoes | Eyewear by Jim Frames

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