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“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life” Oscar Wilde.

An accessory that one should wear consciously. The tie is what , when someone meets you, notices first. That’s why it is important to wear it wisely. The right tie could bring out your severe, strong and confident self.

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Today, I am delighted to present you ΚΥΔΟΣ, because of the passion they have about the art of making ties and their love about creating quality and unique items. True handcraft enthusiasts always take pride of place in It’s a MAN’s Class’s posts.

The Brand

ΚΥΔΟΣ is a limited edition neckwear house that traces its history back through generations of the same family of master tailors.
All their neckwear is made in-house and completely by hand from the very best silk. Every single fold, every thread and every tiny detail of a KYDOS necktie is handled with the care and attention of a single master tailor. They take their time to create a result they’re proud of in order to provide a necktie you will be proud to wear.

At ΚΥΔΟΣ, handmade is the epitome of style, the essence of exclusivity. With over 30 years experience, their master tailor uses the same knowledge, tools and skills as their great grandfather did over a century ago. That is the quality, history and heritage in every single KYDOS necktie.





The process of creating a ΚΥΔΟΣ handmade tie begins with the sourcing of the silk. Traveling to Paris and Italy, they focus on only the best mills in areas such as Lake Como, a region producing the world’s finest quality silk for over two centuries.
The superior fabric is then carefully cut and sown by hand in a process that takes hours of careful work. Only the tools of a master tailor ever come in contact with the silk.
Two large pieces of silk are masterfully cut in a way to preserve the fabrics natural elasticity, ensuring the fabric. The fabric is then carefully folded eight times to form the perfect blade shape. To achieve the non-visible seems of a KYDOS necktie, the two silk tie parts – the blade and tail – are sewn together slowly with patience and skill. The final seam acts as a spine to the tie, allowing the fabric to flow around it while always retaining the original shape.
Finally, they sew the KYDOS label (and a unique code detailing the order, design and year of creation) discreetly between the folds of the silk. This is to ensure the authenticity, limited edition and proof of quality of your tie.

Where to get

Blue suit look:  Shirt & Trousers by Christakis Athens  | Tie by ΚΥΔΟΣ

Grey suit look : Suit: Giannetos  |  Tie & Handkerchief: ΚΥΔΟΣ


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