Explosion of sartorial sophistication at Kolonaki, during the second rendezvous of the ARTISANS!

Kimon Frangakis and Vassilis Bourtsalas invited Massimo Scapellato to introduce the guests to the world of handmade ties. We had the pleasure to be among the 100 lucky aficionados that visited Bespoke Athens and enjoyed the man at the helm of the iconic brand Dolcepunta in action!


Oscar Wilde once said  that “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”.  That evening, everyone who attended the event that took place in Bespoke Athens, had the chance not only to become familiar to the philosophy of handmade sartorial ties, but also to see in action a special ambassador of the Italian Sprezzatura. We browsed through Bespoke Athens, which was beautifully embellished with lots of colorful ties, as well as through the private atelier, where Bespoke Athens team creates quality handmade bespoke shirts.

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Many guests had the chance to be leisurely transferred to the event with a luxurious and safe Volvo S90 by Volvo Car Hellas, while two majestic Volvo XC90 where complimenting the overall stylish vibe.


Savoring a flavorful and refreshing cocktail of Tanqueray Ten, we enjoyed Massimo Scapellato and Vassilis Bourtsalas that shared with us the characteristics of the 7-ply and 11-ply (patented by Dolcepunta) tie, the unlined “Sfoderata” and the two-sided (also, Dolcepunta exclusive) “Accopiata”. While unfolding webs of cloth and explaining the anatomy of handmade ties, they proved that a seemingly “simple” piece of silk could encapsulate a bold savoir faire of virtuosity.

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As the sun was going down, Anagnostopoulou street was full of stylish figures with bespoke, double-breasted colorful jackets, as well as many sharp ties that we rarely see in the city anymore – especially in Summer. Having quite genuine and warm conversations, the lovers of quality exchanged opinions about men’s style, ties, watches, fine drinking and safe driving.

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