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Oxford shoe. One of the most classic and elegant lace up dress shoe. Oxford shoes replaced the commonly worn boots. Since the 19th century the original Oxfords accepted plenty of changes as soon as they adopted today’s style.

Due to the fact that it is the most formal type of shoes, Oxfords could be worn with almost everything, from tuxedo to business or casual looks.

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What is the Oxford

The one feature that separates Oxford shoes from Derbies or other types of lace up shoes is the closed lace system. Sometimes people use the term Oxford when referring to any lace-up shoe, but today we are going to elaborate on how to distinguish an Oxford Shoe from other shoe types.

Firstly, Oxford shoes have laces. Monk strap, slip-ons or Chelsea boots are not Oxford. Secondarily, Oxfords’ main characteristic is that they have a closed lacing system, different from the open lace system of the Derby Shoes.

derby vs oxford

Cap Toe Oxford

The most popular type of Oxford shoes is the Cap toe, which I am presenting you today. Cap toe’s main characteristic is that an extra piece of leather is added across the toe box.

A black pair of Cap toe Oxford shoes is the classic business shoe to be worn with suits by well-dressed gentlemen. Technically, this type of shoe is not appropriate for formal occasions, but if someone cannot afford a plain Oxford (the plain oxford does not feature a leather cap over the toe box and it doesn’t have broguing), Cap toe Oxford is acceptable.

Oxford Shoes Ioannis Karagiorgos - it's a MAN's Class

Go Bespoke

A pair of black Oxford shoes is an essential to any a well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. A shoe that matches with almost any outfit – from suits to jeans – it should better be quality. And bespoke is the best option.

Bespoke shoes are footwear made especially for a certain customer. The customer can choose between different styles, colors, leather types etc.
Even if it is extremely hard to fit your foot into a ready-to-wear shoe or you want a particular quality garment that will be made for you only and will fit you perfectly, bespoke shoes are something you might take into consideration.

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Oxford Shoes Ioannis Karagiorgos - it's a MAN's Class

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