Photography: Thanos Asfis

60’s Porsche 1600 Super: CLUB SPORT


The Double Breasted suit is definitely a bold statement. A style characterized by elegance, class and modern minimalism, while it is quite masculine and chic.




The DB suit

The double breasted suit has two parallel columns of buttons and overlapping front laps. Talking about buttons we have 6×2 and 4×2. 6×2 means that the jacket has 6 buttons but only two of them can be fastened. The same rule stands for 4×2. There are 4 buttons with only 2 of which can be fastened. There is also a button inside the jacket that is called anchor that can be fastened at all times.

A double breasted suit could be worn at occasions that one would wear a single breasted, but it is considered to be dressier. It is quite flattering as it emphasizes the shoulders, but bigger men should be careful as sometimes they look visually widened.

At today’s post, I chose to wear a slim fit Made-to-Measure double-breasted suit with working buttonholes by Christakis – Athens, specially tailored for me. The fabric of the suit is cool wool super 110 Made in Italy by Reda. I chose to combine the double breasted jacket with double pleated trousers.

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Get The look

Made to measure DB suit by Christakis-Athens  |  Bespoke shirt by Christakis-Athens  |  Handmade tie by KYDOS  |  Handmade Pochet by KYDOS  |  Watch by Daniel Wellington  |  Bespoke Chevalier by It’s a MAN’s Class Personal Collection  |  Bespoke Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos

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