Loafers. A shoe design that first appeared in Norway in 1930s. Since then, loafers are synonymous to comfort and style while being timeless and appealing. A laceless shoe design that never looks old or obsolete, when worn rightly. Comes in a range of materials, styles and colors. The choices are endless. Loafers provide an easy, dressy and polished finish. A shoe design that will be seen a lot this year.

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From casual/sporty look to suits and blazers, loafers are always stylish. You can go from classic colors for a more gentle look, to bolder colors or patterns for a style statement.
It’s up to you. You may choose a pair of loafers that suits your overal look, but be careful to cut the trousers at the right length and aren’t sagging over your shoes.

To sock and not to shock.
There is a huge debate about if one should wear socks or not with a pair of loafers. The rule says that you shouldn’t. But, rules are meant to be broken. You could wear socks that match your trousers for a safe result, or go the extra mile with a pair of colored socks contrasting your outfit.

The look
Today, I chose to present you a pair of tassel loafers, handmade by Ioannis Karagiorgos, a super-talented shoemaker based in Kifissia. Tassel loafers came to life by an American actor – Paul Lukas who envisioned an elegant and dressy shoe design that was also practical.

The green bespoke tassel loafers are made of suede, which creates a luxurious, yet delicate effect. The key-element of the exact shoe is the matching green sole. The appealing appearance , the excellent finish and the indescribable comfort make Ioannis Karagiorgos’ shoes one of a kind.

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The statement green tassel shoes matched perfectly with my tartan Selected Homme suit from ASOS. I completed my outfit with a green tie from a ZARA and a pair of matching green socks from ASOS, too.

See more about Ioannis Karagiorgos work at Introduction to Bespoke Shoes.

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