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The weather is getting warmer and light sports jackets could not be missing of any sharp dresser’s wardrobe.

A light sports jacket is a key-piece that every man should own. A garment that is fabulously versatile as it can be elegant when worn with trousers, or casual when worn with jeans. Usually, made of a casual linen or cotton fabrics, a light sports jacket brings a relaxed, stylish and chill vibe to your appearance, even on warm days.

It's a MAN's Class

The Sports Jacket

A sports jacket is not a formal option as it is suitable for business wear and social wear. Bright, fresh and versatile it will proudly accompany you everyday anywhere-anytime!

Regarding the fit, a sports jacket is usually a bit looser than a suit jacket or a blazer, a characteristic that makes it feel and look comfortable and relaxed. Casual style details like the patch pockets make it the right choice for every leisure outfit.

It's a MAN's Class It's a MAN's Class

A light grey sports jacket like the one I am presenting you today is a really smart choice due to its versatility. Grey, as all neutral colors, can be combined with almost any shirt and tie combination and still preserve its crispness, simplicity and elegance.

The Look

The light sports jacket that I am wearing today is made of Loro Piana “summertime” fabric (wool and linen). Comfortable, chrisp and stylish, this jacket is a piece that can be paired with almost anything. Combined with jeans, chinos or even suit trousers, a grey light sports jacket can transform any outfit, providing the right amount of elegance and effortless sophistication.

In order to preserve the casual vibe when wearing a sports jacket, I opted for woolen blue pinstripe trousers and a plain white shirt embellished with a woven blue casual tie, a puffy pocket square and a pair of brown monk strap shoes.

It's a MAN's Class It's a MAN's Class

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It's a MAN's Class


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