Photography: Thanos Asfis

Don’t you, sometimes, wish you have lived in another era?

The truth is that I am more vintage than I am high fashion.

I would prefer to live in the Old Athens, where romance, elegant manners and sophistication were morals that obtained in the majority of people. Pure emotions, nobility, honest words and most of all love for arts, crafts, materials and quality.

I like to put on Attik and dream of a gentle world that fights for love and ideals. A world that one couldn’t consume thoughtlessly. A world without mass production, trashy materials and sloppy creations. A world made of silk, paper, wood, cotton & genuine human relationships.

Am I helplessly romantic?

When I want to daydream I go to Panathinaic Stadium which is across my house. An ancient stadium that dates back to 566/565 BC, with great view and even greater energy. When I lie there my soul is filled with hope, new ideas and visions. But, most of all, it fills me with the strength to create my own world. The world that I wish I have lived in.

The Old Athenian Look

Old Athenians used to live thoughtfully.

Every activity was meaningful, giving importance to every single detail of their everyday life. Dressing up was some kind of ritual. It mattered not if they didn’t have many or expensive clothes. All that mattered was their clothes to be elegant, clean and ironed. They polished their shoes, they took care of their accessories. And all this ritual had a great impact on their personality and their life perspective, as they learnt that it takes time and effort to live well.

The handmade Boating Blazer that I used on my Old Athenian outfit it is made by one of the most poetic tailors out there, Sciamat. a brand that manages to create beauty without restriction. With their official retailer in Athens, Vassilis Bourtsalas – the owner of Bespoke Athens – we embrace the same ideals. To reestablish the finesse of the Athenians. This vision sounds utopian, but I am pretty sure that we can – somehow, someday – make the change!

Get The Look

Sciamat 100% Cotton, handmade, no canvas Striped Boating Blazer by Bespoke Athens | Foulard by Bespoke Athens | Panama Hat by OraGentleman | Trousers, Polo Shirt & Shoes from my personal collection

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