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Pinstripe suit. A style that has British origins, favored by the elite class.

Later, the pinstripe suit was identified as a banker’s uniform. Nowadays, it has become one of the most classic and timeless looks for a confident vibe.
Ideal for bold business looks, the pinstripe suit is the key for a dapper and sharp appearance.

At today’s post, I chose to present you a quality, flattering and elegant made to measure suit by VARDAS, whose creation procedure I shared with you on my previous post.

pinstripe_suit-1 pinstripe_suit-2

The suit

Having the capability of personal choice, I opted in favor of a double breasted pinstripe jacket, which is definitely a bold statement. A style characterized by elegance, class and modern minimalism, while it is quite masculine and chic.

A double breasted suit could be worn at occasions that one would wear a single breasted, but it is considered to be dressier. It is quite flattering as it emphasizes the shoulders, but bigger men should be careful as sometimes they look visually widened.

pinstripe_suit-10 pinstripe_suit-7

The fabric is very important when it comes to a pinstripe suit so I selected a super-fine 100% wool LORO PIANA fabric.
In order to spice-up my new suit I chose a paisley lining.

I complemented my pinstripe suit with a double breasted vest and front pleated pants.

pinstripe_suit-11 pinstripe_suit-15 pinstripe_suit-14

The look was completed with a plain white made to measure shirt by Christakis, a custom made lapel pin by Moutsatsos, a gorgeous completely hand-made pochet by House of ΚΥΔΟΣ and a pair of blue monk strap shoes with tassels.

Get the look

Made to Measure Suit by VARDAS (for more information you may call: 211-6006906)  |  Shirt by Christakis – Athens  |  Pochet by House of ΚΥΔΟΣ  | Lapel Pin by Moutsatsos

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